Holy Hell!  

megadave1970 47M
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4/21/2006 6:16 pm
Holy Hell!

Hey, thanks for those who wished me well. I do appreciate it I'm surprised at the amount of people who checked out my last blog.

As an update, I am feeling better though it's been a tough week between work and not doing all that great. My girlfriend and myself have been battling this cold, but hopefully we'll be getting over it soon.

You know, it's kind of funny. I would love to talk about my day job, but it's one of those that would frown upon this website. Does anybody else have that problem? How do you deal with it? I suppose that's why I talk about the band. It seems to be more easier for a musician to be more on the "wild side". Funny, I don't view it that way, I just view it as being myself.

Of course, now that I've seen how many people have read my last blog, I almost feel some pressure to make it more interesting now LOL!!! But hey, I'm not going to sit here and do anything like kiss and tell. Yeah, I've had some great AdultFriendFinder experiences, but I'm not going to go into detail (well, at least yet!).

It seems like my weekend plans have changed, but I'm happy with that. The idea of having a quiet evening at home with my honey sounds better then what we were thinking of doing.

So, I got a show on May 26 in Livermore. I mention this because I know there is a meet and greet that happens in that area, and I would love to see people from that come on over and see my band perform. Besides, it's a Friday night, and it's the Memorial Day weekend. You can always contact me for info about it. Oh, if you're not in the area, maybe you'll be interested in buying the album that my band is doing I'm not going to post our website, but hey, if you're interested, contact me!


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