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6/12/2006 8:33 pm
101 things about me

Borrowed from one of the HOTTEST Ladies on this Site... Cowgirl looking. Thanks Darling...

I am:

1. 5'10"
2. 242 pounds and losing
3. a man
4. a hopeless romantic
5. a good friend
6. an optimist (my glass is always half full)
7. the youngest child of ten
8. spoiled
9. impatient
10. a good cook

I have:

11. 21 nephews and nieces
12. 5 grand nephews and nieces
13. short brown hair
14. Hazel eyes
15. a big heart
16. too much time on my hands
17. a big mouth
18. 7 great sisters (most of the time)
19. one Brother still alive
20. one brother who has passed

I love:

21. Jesus
22. country women
23. shorts and tee shirts
24. wishing on stars
25. Big Mac's
26. to watch Horse pulls
27. hanging out with friends
28. Watching movies on the Big screen
29. to play pool (even if I suck at it)
30. shopping

I dislike:

31. mean people
32. dirty Bathrooms
33. the smell of skunk
34. when people are late
35. seeing someone pick their nose & eat it
36. when I stub my toe
37. long lines (grocery store, drive thru, etc.)
38. to argue & fight
39. People whojust don't get it
40. discrimination

One day I would like to:

41. sky dive
42. whitewater raft
43. be rich
44. be famous
45. vacation for a year
46. Own a 66 GTO
47. change the world
48. grow up (Not really)
49. ride in a hot air balloon
50. Pastor my own church

Pet Peeves:

51. getting "chain letter" emails
52. nail biters (still love ya though)
53. when some doesn't replace an empty roll of toilet paper
54. answering a question with a question
55. full trash cans (just empty it please)
56. telemarketers who won't give up so you just have to hang up!
57. dirty dishes in the sink
58. traffic jams
59. junk mail
60. clothes thrown on the floor

My Favorites:

61. color - pink or purple
62. book - anything by Watchman Nee
63. movie - American Pie I,II and III
64. food - Red Meat
65. Dessert - Strawberries and cream
66. beverage - Crystal Lite
67. TV Show - Boston Legal
68. fruit - strawberries
69. veggie - Peas
70. hobby- hanging on the internet

Things I like about myself:

71. I am a true Liberal
72. That I am a loyal friend
73. I can keep a secret
74. my optimism
75. ability to make others laugh
76. I'm reliable
77. I know what I want and how to get it
78. I'm responsible
79. I'm honest
80. I'm caring

After "all these years" I still:

81. like Coke in a bottle
82. Sleeping in on weekends
83. get Cracker Jacks at ball games
84. get excited about Christmas
85. like Stuffed animals
86. to color
87. Roller Coasters
88. eat the creme in an Oreo first
89. like PB&J sandwiches
90. don't know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop

When I'm old and gray, I want to be able to say:

91. I lived a good life
92. I had many friends
93. I will be missed
94. I did everything that I wanted to
95. I have no regrets
96. I still look young
97. I'm not afraid to die
98. "I've been there"
99."I've done that"
100. "I remember that" (and actually remember)

And 101: I am glad this is done. Now you go do it!

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