Drunken fun night last night 11-Feb-2005  

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2/12/2005 6:06 am

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Drunken fun night last night 11-Feb-2005

Well, last night, I drank half a bottle of Bacardi white rum, straight, 3-4 shots worth at a time, all within 2 minutes. Needless to say, I was pretty wasted.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, this is while im in the UK 01-Feb to 14-Mar.

Anyway, I really couldn't walk, so I dragged myself around. For some reason, I felt like going downstairs. So I pulled myself down the stairs. It was controlled for the first 2 steps or so, then I just free-fell. I don't really remember the fall, but I do remember being at the bottom. I flipped myself over, and laid face up.

Somehow, I got myself back upstairs. I sat for what seemed like an hour (could've been a few minutes, I dunno). My buddy helped me clean up the cuts on my face. I then laid down on the floor to get some sleep (I'm in the office, so I dont have a bed here).

Well, I lay down, and fall asleep for a few minutes. Then, I am awoken by my friend. All of a sudden, a police officer is at the door. She asks if I was alright, my name, how old I was, and all that. She said that would be all and would send in the ambulance crew.

So, she goes back downstairs. I take that opportunity to get dressed again (I was in my boxers for bed). After I get dressed, I sit in the chair for a couple minutes. Then the ambulance crew came in, 1 woman in her lower 30's or so, and an older gentleman probably in his 50's. The woman was a little husky, the man was a little short and thin.

So anyway, I get some questions from her. Did you take any pills (I told her just those, and pointed to my prescriptions) she asked. She asked my name, age, and that stuff. Asked how much I drank. I showed her the half-empty bottle, and told her it took 2 minutes to do that.

She knew a little of US law, so she knew that the drinking age was more. I told her that this was one of the perks of being overseas. She asked about the cuts on my head, so I told her how they happened. She asked if I lost consiousness, I told her I went to sleep for a few minutes but didn't pass out. I don't remember what she asked one time, perhaps why I did it, and I said I was just showing off for my buddy who wasn't old enough to drink (he's 16).

Well, that's my first major drinking experience. I woke in the morning, still remember most of it, didnt have a headache or anything. No hang-over. I can't imagine being more drunk, but the only thing I could think of is maybe I wasnt as bad as I thought if I still remember everything and don't have a hangover.

Well, I will see you all later. I learned a lesson from this... If you must drink, do it at ground level, and away from any stairs

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