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[I'm sure I'm going to get all the terminology wrong in this post - someone e-mail me and educate me in private!]

In my continued quest to come out of my box I've found that it's easier said than done... So I've sat on continuing my blog because I just can't get up the nerve to talk about these things... So what I've decided to do instead is talking about all the things I like and work in those fantasies as I go along.


One of the things that I love that I guess you would call a fetish (if I understand the term correctly) is see through clothes. If you've read my profile you'll see my fantasy of being able to walk in on a woman sleeping and touching and caressing her. First let me explain, I would have to have *some* idea she was into me, I would/could never do this to just *anyone*. But part of the fun is not knowing for sure. ANYWAY part of that fantasy is being able to walk up and being able to see her body without first touching her, but having see through clothes on you still have obstacles that make it interesting. I like it really tight so you can see everything, but then again I like it really loose for easy access. And the curvier the woman, the better!


I also like lace and things that it covers the body up, but you can still see skin. That way you can see through it, she's still covered up, but you can still see what she looks like. Wow, that's hard to explain.


One of my bigger ones in this category is a woman who wears regular clothes but uses it to tease you... A woman sitting on the bed or in a chair as you kneel down in front of her, she has a shirt on and nothing else... You can see her nipples through the shirt and you can see her pussy underneath it. Then she (or lightly plays with it while she sits there and enjoys it. Or I give her oral while she tries to work or watch TV. Maybe that's a different topic all together.

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ok i see

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