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beautiful women, 40+...

Thanks so much to the responses to yesterdays post, I really appreciate the thoughts and I look forward to getting more advice from y'all, as I will have MANY questions a long the way!

I mentioned from yesterday's blog that I would like to provide some examples of women over 40 that I think I would connect with, partially because it gives me an excuse to look ( ) and partially because it helps me define what I'm interested in more clearly. So these are just a few of the women I ran across that I thought I might click with in different circumstances.

I debated on if I should post about women that were close to me or not, in the chance that I might actually get to meet one of them in person I didn't want my post about them to affect that in any way, so I won't include them this time (did I mention being new at this I'm also a little paranoid?) but if y'all think I should mention them as well for some reason I can/will.

First on the list is lusciouslips_4_u, a 40 year old woman from Tempe Arizona. First thing I noticed is the tan line in her main picture. I don't know why but a tan line is an extreme turn on for me! Especially if the white parts are really white and the tan parts are really tan! I also love the back shots for some reason, I just get this image of walking up behind her, putting my arms around her and kissing her on the neck... wow... and you can't have someone named "lusciouslips..." without mentioning those lips. Very kissable! In her profile she mentions not looking for "a slew of partners". I'm the same way, if we are intimate, we either need to be friends or more, I've never been able to have sex with someone I either didn't have a close friendship with or a relationship with, don't know why. she's also exploring new territory and looking to fulfill some fantasies, so we're a match there as well!

gangerwannabee, a 43 year old woman from Grants Pass Oregon has beautiful breasts. She likes hairy men and also appears to be coming out of her box. She also mentions that she's touchy-feely (which I am very much a touchy-feely person) and that she likes people who look at the glass as half full. I tend to look at life as if the glass is more than half full, there are so many positive things in the world that I try to avoid the negative things whenever possible. Unfortunately even if I was closer, I'm out of her age range.

I just love Using2me's first/main picture, I love her body. Using2me is a 46 year old from Eustis Florida, Using2me is looking for "A affectionate, caring person,Who will be there if and when I need them", which I like to think I am that type of person. She also mentioned wanting someone to "take forever loving my body. From small kisses all over to licking and sucking". I like to take my time and really enjoy being with the person I'm with, love foreplay, love snuggling afterward. And kisses, licking, sucking... definitely. She also likes younger guys! Woohoo!

So there are a few of the women I find attractive on AdultFriendFinder... yes I noticed they were all in their 40's, I looked in the 50+ but I couldn't find one that in the right circumstances we would both be what we were looking for, but I'll keep looking!

So in my search as I mentioned I *did* find a few women local to me that I would like to chat with, get to know and at least build a friendship. But I've been told that women receive MANY e-mails a day from men on this site. what do I make sure I say/do or try to avoid when contacting her, that she will at least read my e-mail? Obviously I'm going to be honest with her, and I'll send her a recent picture, I've read that helps, any other tips?

Also, why do women list themselves individually if they are a couple? I've ran across this multiple times. Just curious.

And last, There are many factors in profiles and I'm sure it's hard to find a 100% match (yes?), is it ok to contact someone that may be say, an 85% match? For example, if we match in every way but maybe her cutoff is 35 (I'm 33). Should I still e-mail her? Or should I only contact women that are almost perfect matches?

Looking forward to hearing y'alls responses! And even if I don't mention specific names, I'll give y'all a little more fantasy-dirt on me and a few of the closer ladies I really felt a connection with tomorrow!

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