My first plus sized woman...  

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4/18/2006 3:12 am

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My first plus sized woman...

Recap, I've been really conservative up until about a year ago when I started getting the urge to try new things. So my hope here is to express my new found sexuality and to find other people who are like me so I can feel more comfortable with these urges and feelings. So far I've admitted to my love for women 40+, and my love for plus sized women. But these are on the tamer side, and I plan on getting more intense with each admittance.

I'm trying not to just jump straight from one fantasy to the next as I'm afraid I'll run out of things to talk about, so I'm trying to spread them out a little, in case your wondering.

My first girlfriend ever in the 4th grade was a curvy girl. She was SO beautiful and I'm sure an important part of my love for plus sized women. She had it all, beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful mouth, beautiful skin... She was my first girlfriend (other than a girl in 3rd grade who 'said' I was her boyfriend - this was the first *real* girlfriend). We went to homecoming together, and we "dated" on and off all through school. She was the first girl I french kissed, she was the first girl I touched. I was so into her though I never actually tried to have sex with her, it's hard to explain, I guess I didn't want to upset her by going too far, so I never tried. She had gorgeous breasts too, her nipples were the same color as the skin around them, they were perfect. I remember her laying on her bed with no top, I'd just massage her body and massage her breasts and passionately kiss her, I never even took off my own clothes, wow. We did this a few times, I was an idiot though, she was the absolute sweetest but bad people seemed to flock to her for some reason, I think her sister hung out with a bad crowd so they were always around. So I kept breaking up with her and we never had anything real. I honestly thought we'd get married one day, and I think a small part of me thinks it may still happen. She ended up having a baby in high school, and of course now she's married, but I still see her from time to time. Aaaah, memories.

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