Your first taste, of us!  

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6/2/2006 4:13 pm

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Your first taste, of us!

After your initial response your mouth quickly returns to my nipple. Sucking, licking, tonguing it with even more fervor. The feeling is so intense my cock feels like it is going to burst. A seep of precum makes my cock hard, hot and slippery! Your hand savoring the wetnesss. Moving it around my head, under the head. You reach up with your hand and rub my nipple with my precum slowly moving your head down to it. Licking it savoring the taste of me you moan. Your hand reaches down to my cock rubbing the head miking it of cum. Using it to moisten my nipples again, first one than the other. Back to my cock and than bringing your finger to your mouth you slowly start to lick it. Tasting me. Savoring the taste of my cum you can’t get enough, you reach down and fondle the head of my cock. Trying to get as much on your finger as possible. Your finger to your mouth sucking on it all the way in. Looking at me as you suck on your finger.

You moan abruptly as I slowly start moving my finger inside you. It is past the second joint. I feel you grabbing me your tightness capturing my finger. Urging it inside you further. I slowly start to move it out. Your hips clamp down begging me not to go. I reserve my movement and slide my finger in farther. I am in all the way to my palm. I rotate my hand so that the palm is resting against you clitoral mound. Rubbing it as I slowly moving my finger in and out. You arch your back in perfect timing to my movements. Attempting to keep my finger inside of you. Never wanting it loose it. I quickly remove my finger, you moan a sound of disappointment. I move my finger to my mouth tasting you, licking my finger cleaning it of your juices. I love the taste of you I whisper. You moan. Have you ever tasted yourself I ask. No, you whisper. Would you like to I ask. Yes, you croak. My finger moves down to your wetness rubbing, your mound trying to get as much of you as I can. I move my finger up to our face. Slowly lightly rubbing it across your lips. Your tongue reaches out tasting yourself for the first time. Your tongue reaches out towards my finger wanting it. A sexual communion. I place my finger on your tongue you start licking and suckling on it. Harder and harder taking it all in sucking on it as it were a cock. You moan. Good I ask? Yes, very good you say. Would you like more? Yes. I attempt to move my finger but you don’t want it to leave. Reluctantly you let it go. Moving back down, wetting my finger, back to your mouth. No hesitation this time. You rapidly start sucking my finger.

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