In which I tease you!  

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6/10/2006 10:33 am

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In which I tease you!

Straddling your legs, my cock in the apex of your thighs, I start to massage your shoulders. You reach down with your hand and fondle my cock. Stroking it. Rubbing it against you. I can feel the lips of your vagina on the head of my cock. Your clit hard and erect against the head of my cock. Moaning you place the head against the opening. Moving up against it. You are trying to put it in. I move back slightly. Tease you whisper. I ask did you want something. Yes, you moan in a low guttural tone. I want your cock in me. In a hurry I ask? Yes. But there is so much to do before we are joined. You moan again asking me what I mean. I respond I have barely tasted you. Only an appetizer so far. You moan at the thought. I move down towards your breasts. Rubbing them and massing you nipples. Licking you nipples. Sucking them into my mouth. First one than the other. Licking the valley between you breasts. Under and around your breasts. Nibbling your skin. Moving to your stomach. I proceed to lick each inch of you. Finally arriving at your belly button I start fucking it with my tongue. You moan and start to move up and down with my tongue.

Moaning you move your legs apart. Do you want something I ask. Yes you respond, I want to feel your tongue on my clit. I move between your legs grasping your buttocks in both hands. I ask what would you do for me if I do. Anything you want you respond. Foundling your butt I start to lick the area just bellow your belly button. You arch up towards me. I move over licking the tops of your thigh. Occasionally dipping down to the apex of your thighs. I grasp your buttocks harder. The fingers moving between your cheeks almost touching your anus. Rubbing up and down lightly grazing your anus. I start licking the area between your vagina and your thighs. I graze your mound with my chin. You arch your back again forcing yourself up against my mouth. I move away from you. Tease you whisper. I move from one thigh to the other lightly grazing your vaginal mound with my lips.

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