In which I taste your back!  

mat1492 63M  
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6/5/2006 7:53 pm
In which I taste your back!

Turn over on your stomach I whisper. You turn over and I straddle your legs. My cock rubbing up against your ass. I reach up and start to massage your shoulders. I move down and start to kiss the nape of your neck. Licking, nibbling, sucking I alternate my movements in a well choreographed movement across your shoulders. Slowly I start to licking your spine. My massaging moves down to the back of your arms. Under your arms to the apex of your breasts and your side. I lick and suckle my way down your spine until I reach the apex of your buttocks. Massaging your back moving across from side to side. Ever so slowly down to your waist. I feel a drop of precum drip on your buttock. You moan slightly at the wetness. I move down your legs. Massaging your waist. Dipping down to your buttocks. I reach down with my mouth. Liking your buttocks, covering every inch I run my tongue along the crack of your buttocks. You move your legs apart slightly and moan. My tongue moves back up a little deeper this time. Your legs move slightly apart again. I separate your buttocks and start to lick the skin where they meet. I can see you now. Your anus in all its glory. I start licking down the sides until I reach your thighs. First one thigh than the other. Covering every inch with the wetness of my tongue. My hands rubbing your legs. Massaging them down to your feet. My hands working there way up your inner thigh. Higher and higher until I feel your wetness. Your legs moving apart. Inviting me to explore. Turn over I whisper.

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