In which I arrive  

mat1492 63M  
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5/27/2006 10:01 am
In which I arrive

Your hands move down to my underwear pushing it father down my legs. I reach down and remove them completely. Even before they are down your hand moves back to my cock. The other reaches down and fondles my balls. I spread my legs to provide you access to me. You look down and gaze at me. Your hands exploring my groin. Touching, pulling, my cock.

I start to move my hand down your smooth stomach. Gently feeling the heat of you on my palm. I reach the elastic of your underwear. You moan slightly, more out of anticipation than a reaction to the touch. I slowing slip a finger under the elastic. Moving my hand along the out reaches of your stomach. I feel your legs slowly part. An invitation to explore further? I slip my finger in farther. Running my finger along your lower stomach I reach the fold between your thighs and your stomach. You jerk your legs slightly. Sensitive. I quickly move my fingers away. Moving father my hand moving under your underwear. I feel your public hair brushing against my hand. You moan slightly and shift your body. Arching up slightly you move closer to hand. My finger slipping down to the top of your vulva. The moistness engulfing my finger. Slowly I inch my finger down between your lips. Searching ever searching for your clitoris. I feel your outer lips, so moist and wet engulfing my finger. Being swallowed into the folds of your sex. There I feel it you, your reaction, the moan, the arching of the back all indicate I have arrived.

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