Camp sex...  

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6/22/2006 4:53 pm
Camp sex...

It's good to feel the air against my skin. It's finally summer, and time for some much-needed vacation time!

I'm busy packing the van, getting ready for a nice long camping trip by the beach. Back to my favourite haunt (well one of them anyway). I've been thinking back to last summer's vacation...and things are different, and yet somehow the same...

It was so bloody hot the lake was like bathwater, adults tip toeing across the sand like coal-walking ascetics at some Mumbai sideshow.

The rustling of the wind through the cottonwoods was hypnotic...and thankfully almost constant.

One Thursday night I was restless, and walked down the beach to the showers, looking at the stars and feeling the wind touch me, campfires and murmuring conversations drifting through the darkness here and there.

The memory of my last encounter with my ex-lover was still rocketing through my mind...and my body. I'd been horny and in such physical need those last ten days, it was almost unbearable.

It was quite dark, almost midnight...stars filled the sky, high clouds reflecting the moonlight like strands of cotton. While having a hot shower late late in the day, luxuriating in being on my own away from family and friends, I became aware of loud and enthusiastic fucking going on in the stall next door...

I would have written lovemaking as it's more poetic, but this was pure fucking and no doubt about it.

All my pent-up sexual energy was aflame like gas igniting in a sudden release of energy, and I was away in my locked and steamy sanctuary, reliving the better moments of my most recent fling. I came away scrubbed and clean, having drained the camp's hot-water supply for a rather long time.

This was a teen's hangout I soon realized. Parents like me an unwelcome intrusion into an evening of teasing and bravado on the benches surrounding the showers. And apparently behind locked doors in the showers too. Hmmmmmm.

Too bad for me really. What a great place for furtive sex late at night...

Off I went down the sand to our end of the beach, passing groups of young people snuggling around guitars and new friends.

Finally off on my own, I stripped off my bathing suit and walked naked, feeling the wind like warm liquid flowing around my body. I lay down awhile and watched the stars.

I just love to be naked when I'm in the woods, or by the water. Or anywhere I suppose. There's an excitement from being naked in public places, but that's not really my motivation. I just love to be naked and free.

And naked and free I shall be rather soon! Wouldn't it be nice to have a secret rendezvous all planned for that midnight shower? Hmmmm, ah well, too late now...maybe next time. See you all around July 7th!

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