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masterlou68 58M
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6/12/2006 9:50 am

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6/12/2006 8:15 pm

a thought?

is it a look thing? it does seem at least i never notice anyone giving me a second look, at age 46 i wonder if i just look too old or not very attracactive to other's some seem to get all the looks and attention then there are the ones like myself. or maybe its just me thinking too hard. hell i dont know. any tips or clues from a friendly male or fem out there?

rm_spiceee2 57F
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6/12/2006 10:49 am

Hi Your looks are great and 46, too old, no way, I will be that in a month and am having the time of my life. I don't do alot of searching due to getting lots of emails myself. The only comment I would have to say and this is my views only- I look for unattatched and unmarried as it causes less problems, that may be an isssue for some. Check the profiles carefully and see if they have an issue with you being attatched that might be a concern. Otherwise keep up the search and good luck.

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