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9/7/2006 9:28 am
Latino Lust

We chatted online and after the first meeting to just know each other she decided to set up a second meeting where she, my picky petit hot body discreet latina friend, was ready to make her fantasy become true she was dressed with a denin short skirt, blouse that had the buttons seams streched so I could see her white bra, high heels shoes and had her hair tied on a pony tail. She sat on my car's front seat an had her legs open for me to see her white cotton bikini cut panties. I placed my hand between her legs caressing her panties covered pussy and asked: "What are you in need my dear?" she reaplied" I need to have my pussy and ass eaten and fucked".We Proceeded to the motel room where after closing the door I iniciate to tongue kiss her while having my hand under her skirt feeling her soft round pussy under her panties and my middle finger found her clit hidding inside the hood, she was geting very wet with my fingering and I said:"I think your wet pussy needs to be eaten now." I pulled her panties and place her on top of 2 pillows on the bed to make her pussy stick up high, spreading her legs wide open and by lifting her skirt I saw this tight young smooth babe look waxed pussy. I iniciated by splitting hes labias with the tip of my tongue starting from the bottom to go up towards the clit where I stopped to suck on energetically, she started to moan:"Humm yes eat it good Master" I wet back down placing my tongue flat against her pussy lips opening them to the fullest and iniciate to lick her inner entrance gap of her pussy while pinching both her tits.""Hummmmm that feels so good"she moaned. I continued to use the tip of my tongue to go up and down on her inflated out of the hood clit kind of slapping it and then go in circular motions alternarting these two moves while very slowly tickling her bottom entrance of her pussy with the tip of my finger, letting it enter each time a little more only to be fully withdraw again, teasing her wanting it all in, begging for it to go all in in her dripping wet pussy until when shoved all him and thrusted in fast continuous deep strokes, she moaned"HOOOOOOOOOOO, YESSSSS!". she got her fisrt orgasm. I told her"Who said you could cum? Did I give you the permission bitch?" I slapped her on the face pulled her hair and placed her on top of my knees for her OTK spanking, which was very sound having both of her ass cheeks being spanked alternatively:Slap,Slap. Slap..."Now bend over and be ready to take your hard dick slut!"I bent her over the edge of the bed over 2 pillows, spread her legs wide and started to probe her wet pussy with my dick's head making her feel it going in and out slowly in her pussy to make her want it all in and once shoved in I started to bang her with deep and fast strokes while spanking her ass cheeks only to stop and sink the dick deeply pressing in her to make her remember it well and have in her mind all the time so she would ask me for more meetings. "How come you are not cumming bitch?"Because I want to cum with you fucking my ass Master!" "Ho yeah, spread those cheeks slut" I spread her ass cheeks to let me see her tiny hole and started to lick with the tip of my tongue entering her hole deeply by forcing the tip of my tongue to open her sprincter muscles up and then just licking up and down the center of her hole and going around the circular rim to go back to the center to try to enter more in her ass while fingering her clit and: "HOOOOOOOO",she did cum again."You did cum again without my permission?""I will show you now bitch!"I opend her ass cheeks wide shoved a lubricated finger deep in her ass hole fingerfucking it for my dick to get harder and iniciate to press the head on my dick in slow back and forth moves while fingering her clit for her to relax and open her tight hole, while entering slowly her tight ass I was feeling every inch of my dick slide being held by her tight ass hole. Started to pump her ass for a long time with continuous deep variable speead strokes while fingering her clit and saying"Is time for you to take you anally injected medicine my dear you want the slippery creamy white medicine to go deeply in your tight hole , don't you my dear?" "Yes Master, let me feel you explode inside my tight hot latino ass, give to me deep babe, I need it you little slut, fuck it good for me!" I started to fuck her harder and faster up the ass while she was pushing her ass pressing on my dick for me to go deeper in her tight ass and the unrestifull steady finger in her clit all of a sudden "HOOOOOOOOOO YYYYYYYYEESSSS!" she came and "HHHHHHHHUUUUUUUMM..." I did cum in her ass. "How was it my dear?" "Master If I had know that you fuck so good I would have let you fuck in my first meeting!

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