Internet Sexual Revolution  

masteranaldocto 57M
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9/11/2006 7:56 pm
Internet Sexual Revolution

Thanks to the Internet a lot of people is being able to enjoy more their sex life. Either by finding the partner to play their desired fantasies, have the sex that they ever dreamed of or play with different or multiple partners. Lots of people while married, attached or any other form of restricting relationship are being able to keep that condition and not give up its freedom of being satisfied sexually, if his/her partner even though providing material or emotional needs can not provide the desired sexual needs. I started a long time ago chatting with females online and listening to their frustations of not being able to find the ideal person to play their fantasies or sexual desires the way they wanted to. Husbands or boyfriends that were not even into the same kind of sex scene or even though would make an efford to please their parter the fact that it was requested and not something that came naturally would make the scene not the expected and end up in deception from one or both the partners. A fantasy or special roleplay or scene must be of mutual desire otherwise it will just not work out. Some like sex passionately, some like rough, some like kinky, some like extreme, I was able to meet some extremely hot females, couples, other Master sharing their slaves and be able to play form romantic scenes to the most kinky ones and having my partner and I obtain some really great orgasms, and I f I had to do all over again I would, and to tel the truth I made a mistake not having started before. I and the people I played with we both learned more about our own and our partner sexuality. As long as playing discreet safe and sane there is no problems and just lots of fun. In the beginning I was kind of usecure about doing it but after chatting with people that had been doing for years with no problems I had the courage to start do the first time and I am glad I did, it is very exciting to meet a new person to play some intense fantasy. Yes most of the people that are on the net lie, play games or even insult you but for the very few nice people that you find in here and is willing to be your friend and share part of their sexual life makes it all worth, so my advice is enjoy now because life goes fast and better make the best of it while we can.

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