How to eat a Clam  

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9/11/2006 11:58 am

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How to eat a Clam

There is nothing better than to eat a clam (pussy). I absolutely love to eat a clam of a petit, fit, short, beautiful, and young woman, those are the best and the hardest to get from online but once on a while I get some. I like to caress the clam protected by the sexy panties under the skirt and to take my time and lift the skirt, and lower the panties which is just like peeling a banana. A freshly shaved or waxed pussy is the ideal one, that nice light pink and soft feel drives me nuts. I look at the clit as the main area to drive the mind of a woman to drift in lust and I concentrate my sucking on it but before it can be sucked and licked it must be fingered under the skirt with panties on, that gives a female a feling of perverted, forbidden lust that just adds to her arousal and foreplay. I eat the clam very slowly and delicately since the delicate touch of the tongue just makes her feel more desired. The labias must be splitted by the tongue and licked in the inner part, each one individually, when licking the labias fully open, the chin should go back and forth.The finger must enter the bottom gap of the clam as a way of letting her feel penetrated delicately by an unresting fucking touch. As the speed increases, she will be closer to achieving her orgasm and the fingering and licking have to feel very energetic and determined at that point. Most women will cum after being eaten well, but some will hold it just to feel a hard dick going in her dripping wet clam to bang it good...

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9/11/2006 12:38 pm


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