Desperate Housewife get a MFM  

masteranaldocto 57M
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9/11/2006 10:08 am
Desperate Housewife get a MFM

Gina was a married housewife tired of her hubby that would only fuck her friday night maybe twice a moth on the old missionaty positon an cumming before making her cum so she contact me to make her fantasy become true which was a rough fucking/forced roleplay from a Male Female Male (MFM) threesome. She was wearing a floral dress on that hot summer day and she was instructed to enter the motel room as soon as the door closed behind her she was covered with a blanheket and tied up with ropes around harms, While my friend was holding her her standing up i opene her legs and iciate to give her a good fingerfucling under her skirt with panties on deep fast and very perverted. "So little bitch you need to be fucked good don't you?" "Yes Master I need a good fucking!""You will get it you it good my dear, open those legs and because is time for you to take you big hard dick, hold her legs up and open wide on top of the bed John!" "Ok I will open her good for you!""Take bitch, take dick deep in your fucking pussy you little slut!""HHUUMMMM""Yes Master fuck my pussy good give to me deep"Bang Bang Bang..."HOOOOOOO" Humm you did cum good, ok John fuck her pussy while I bend her over for you on the bed" Yes got to give dick to this bitch"Bang Bang Bang"I will spank this slut ass for you John while you keep giveng dick to her" Slap Slap Slap..." Let me open her ass cheeks for you to fuck her in the ass John" Huh yeah bitch is time to get your ass fucked"HUMMMM"Slap Slap Slap"Ok John go under her to fuck her pussy while I will fuck her ass, "Huh Huh" Yeah take in both holes bitch" Bang Bang Bang" HOOOOOO YEEESSSS" she came. "HOOOOOO" John came in her pussy." HUUUUUMMMM" I came in her ass."Thank you Master you two fucked my holes very well and i will need to come for more sessions to keep them satisfied.

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