Dedicated to You  

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8/20/2006 8:31 pm

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Dedicated to You

You came into my life as a sunny day with a blue sky that makes happy the eyes that can see it and as the water that quenches a thirsty desire. You are so beautiful with your blu eyes like the sky, blond hair like the sun and sensuous lips where I drank the sweetness of your smile. I loved you in the shadows, for you I was nothing, I could not conquer your love. I was just a good friend and could not be more than that for you. In life we look for a reason to make our fast journey make sense and always struggle for a lasting happiness. But happiness and love are two illusionary words they make you think that love is happiness and happiness is to love and be loved, but love is like a rose with many thorns and happiness comes and goes like the wind. Through pain I learned to be strong but strength is on a losing battle with time. Time takes what was once given until you look in the mirror and can not see yourself anymore but the vision of the blue eyes and blond hair that once made my heart feel in love and had happiness will forever live in my imortal soul.
Dedicated to You...

masteranaldocto 57M
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9/7/2006 7:46 pm

You really do not understand me I do not play with under age people as you are trying to say I am a really good person much better than you. You by the way are empty inside with lots of bad feelings in your heart and just because you may have been hurt by a bad person in your life just to assume that most of the people out there is just like that is a big mistake. I love sex and play with consensual people only and always give an orgasm to my partner before I get one. You can use your nasty talk to some other real bad guy in here not to me.

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