College Chick Computer Repair  

masteranaldocto 57M
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9/11/2006 11:15 am
College Chick Computer Repair

I went to repair a computer of this young blond college chick in her dorm and noticed that she was addicted to porn due to the history of the sites that she visited on the Internt that I was able to see while fixing her computer. She asked me what I would like to drink and told her that I drank mostly wine so she got a bottle of red wine with cheese and crackers to join me and we ended up drinking almost the whole bottle while. I was fixing her computer and taking to her, "So Lucy you surf a lot on the net don't you?" 'Yes Nick, I feel too lonely and stay online to relax"' I noticed she had some really sexy pink cottom panties under her short skirt while she was sitting on the chair opposite from me, and the more she was drinking wine the more her legs would open up and she would start giggling and laughing most of the time for no reason. I told "You are a very beautiful and hot female you should have no problems having college guys after you." "I am very shy and I prefer mature men they know better how to treat a woman." Hum so you like older guys like me?"Yes I got a crush on you with your italian accent I had my father's friend that asked me to work as a summer job in his place as a secretary and he would lock up the place after work and eat my pussy under his desk while I was sitting in his leather chair with my skirt on that is why when I asked if there was any dress code he told me that his personal secretary must always wear a skirt or dress when coming to work.He liked when I would open my legs like this" She opened her legs showing me her panties under the skirt and I immediately got a bonner (hard on)'"Lucy you are making me very horny""Ho really, and what would you like to do""I would like to caress your pussy over your panties, finger your clit, eat you pussy and give you some hard dick" "Humm how did you guess that that is exactely what I wanted?""With you showing me your panties like that while drinking wine there was no other think that could go through mind". I fingered her clit good making her moan"Hummm, eat my pussy please!""Yes my dear" I started to lick her pussy with my tongue sideways going up and down on her pussy gap on each side of her labias and then sucking on the clit while shoving my finger in and out her pussy in deep strokes. "HOOOOOOOOO GOOOODDD"
She did cum good. "That was so good what will you do to me now? I will fuck your light pink shaved pussy for a long time now my dear" I placed her on the corner edge of the bed holding her feet togheter with her legs bent and iniciated to give her a slow fuck tease with the head of my dick playing just with the head inicially and than all shoved in, in deep strokes"Yes Keep doing it don't stop, fuck your little slut's pussy good!"HOOOOOOO YYYEESSSS" She did cum again. "I want to fuck your ass now."humm you are an ass man? My ass is very tight only had it fucked few times, once when I got drunk on a party and a guy used a drug on my drink taking me to his apartment to be anally gang banged by him and his friends while I was unconscious and other few times when partying with friends with weed, vodka and tequilla and I would get waisted and this guy would only give me weed if I would let him fuck my ass after smoking it." So I like to get fucked up the ass while I am high from weed or alcohol". "Are you high now my dear?" "Yes" "So is time for you to get dick up the ass good my dear"."Humm, yes I want it very deeply and want you to explode your load deep in my ass while holding me very tightly!"."Your will get it really good up your tight ass my dear!"I spread her ass cheeks wide with her bending on the sofa and worked my saliva lubricated dick's head in her tight ass hole and once all in I banged her good.Bang Bang Bang... Fingering her clit while thrusting the dick deep in her ass and all of a sudden "HOOOOO YEEEESSS"she came"HOOOOOOOO" I came.Wow that was so good I think my computer will need often check ups from you from now on...

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