Be second to no one  

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9/8/2006 6:47 am
Be second to no one

There was this hot petit married female that had found her ideal discreet lover and was very reluctant to give me a chance to show her how much a person that really wants someone and is really good at doing what he loves is second to no one. The way I convinced her to stop being so selective with me by just going by looks and try me for once was by telling her my style of making her get her orgasms. We met and she had her short pleated skirt and black thong on I said to her I want to eat your pussy and ass at positions that you would normally be on so this way you will have that vision of me eating you throughout the day. I iniciated by placing my head under her skirt while she was still with her panties on standing up and against the wall of the motel room. I iniciated moving the panties to the side and splitting the pussy lips of her waxed pussy with my tongue going from the bottom of her pussy to the top ending on her clit and making her labias stay split open with the steady licking of my tongue, she was opening her legs for me to lick her pusssy and clit better and feeling like she was going to loose control so I placed her on the edge of the bed over 2 pilows with legs open wide and I held each side of her pussy lips open with my thumbs one in each side of her labias and iniciate to lick the inner wall of her pussy lips on with up and down slow tongue strokes. I started to surround her clit with my lips and iniciated to suck on it very energetically making her clit come out of her hood and tickling it with the tip of my tongue and started to fingerfuck the bottom entrance of her pussy on a continuos steady pace and all of a sudden:"WOOOOOOOO". She got her first orgasm. Knowing that a woman just after she gets an orgasm has her pussy is the best condition to fuck with love juices dripping and pussy nice and relaxed open just waiting for a fast deep rough fuck, I gave to her with no mercy making sure she would get hard dick good in her hungry pussy. After a good pussy banging I told her to stand up and bend over with no panties on and I opened one ass cheek and started to lick on that side close to her ass hole, than did the same to the other side and finally started to lick her ass hole right on the center while my middle finger started to go splitting her pussy lips reaching for her clit to rub vigorously and than started to finger fuck her pussy by synchronizing the thrusts of the tip of my tongue with the insertion of my finger in her pussy for some good time untill" HOOOOOOOOOO".Her second orgasm came.I gave her 15 minutes to rest and chat and then we started by having me sitting on the floor with my head on the edge corner of the bed and she approached me with her pussy to be licked on a leaning forward position and she was holding both her ass cheeks spread wide for me to have my middle finger going slowly in and out her tight ass hole while having her pussy licked with the tongue held flat against her gapping pussy lips than having her clit licked and sucked while a deep suck on her clit will correspond with a deep insertion of my finger in her ass on a steady pace untill"HOOOOOO MY GOOOOODD! she came for the third time. I let her rest for another 10 minutes and told her"I am not done yet, I ate your pussy with you standing up, you ass while bending over, your pussy while leaning and now you will sit on the chair with skirt on legs open very wide having you waxed pussy at the edge of the chair for a good licking to get you very aroused for me to fuck your ass next. So I licked her pussy on that position and was pinching her tits while her pussy was popping foward fully open to be licked steadly from a non resting tongue "HUMMMMMM" she moaned, "Fuck my ass Master, I want you to cum in my ass!"" Ho yeah bitch?"I bent her over 2 pillows on the edge of the bed fingered her ass shoved the K-Y jelly lubricated head slowly in her tight ass and once all in, I started spank and to bang her good, in deep full legth in and out strokes spankiing her ass and saying" Take your fucking dick your little slut, you have to learn not to play with a man's desire, I wanted you so much and you just ignored me all this time, but now you are going to get it good slut!" I was pushing her petit waste with my 2 hands sinking my dick deeply in her gapping ass slamming the dick in her ass like a hard pole while fingering her clit and than"GOOOOOOOOD" she came and "HUUUUUUUMMM" I came. "So how was it?" " I understand now that by you wanting me so much you indeed gave me one of the best fucks I ever had, thank you Master." "Is ok I hope you learned your lesson that desire for someone and desire to be the best at what you do counts more than looks."" You are right Master now I got 2 partners to keep my sexual life fully satisfied!"

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