Should I STAY or should I GO?  

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4/16/2006 5:04 am
Should I STAY or should I GO?

"... It also state that, if the minds of leaving beings are impure, their land is also impure, but if their minds are pure, so is their land. There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds..."
[extract from 'The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin', p.4, Soka Gakkai, 1999]


Sometime Paradise IS Hell (confortable ... unchallenging ... spiritually dead ... life in a golden cage) ... and for others Hell is their Paradise (daily leaving).. they leave their content/surviving lives in narrow smelly dirty places for so long ... breathing and play in the 'nasty smell for so long, that they are not able to recognise anymore that they leave in such hellish places.

I do not believe that anyone can make that judgement apart from ourselves and/or outside ourselves... mission and purpose in life is everything ... lost people and those that drag their daily life without purpose are in a state of Hell or 'illusion', confortable sometime and even (for some) feeling 'secure' ... but they remain deeply ignorant about 'real' life pushing constantly away feelings of emptiness or meanless under their carpets.

And when it heats you.. suddenly you can wake up and realise that not necessarily everything in your life reflects who you really are ... and when that part becomes the majority of your life .. then as human we do need an answer ... we are after all the only sentient beings/species on this planet. It is impossible to carry on leaving the life that your surrounding is starting directing, when the very protagonist does not wish to play that role anymore.

No one can force another human being to be or to do things against their will. Therefore, sense of responsibility, commitment, devotion, dedication ... etc ... all come from a 'inner call' ... but when that call starts to vanish unless one is capable to find a deep meanful answer well, then people do pack and go.

I did in the past and I have no regrets... I did find my answers... I did transform my life ... but as 'foulmama' said ... you cannot run in the end from yourself and who you are. However we ALWAYS have the spiritual and intellectual freedom to CHANGE WHO WE ARE!! Lets never forget that ... and sometime it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to detach oneself from daily circumstances.. take a step back (or a different step if necessary) and look deeper in life. For some that means to leave everything behind and go away ... suddenly if necessary ... drastically if desperate.

When I did 'disappear' from my circumstances... I took my self with me ... and was only after I discovered and transformed my self that I was able to go back and rebuild (work and worked physically and emotionally hard) trust ... confidence ... benefits ... joy. Today I leave as a 'free human being', in complete different circumstances from where I started from ... and I have no regret of any action I took in my life ... that I made in both constructive and destructive occasions. I know deeply that I DID NOT choose the easy way to deal with my life ... but the most challenging, hard and sometime uncomfortable way ... to find my self. Sometime WE HAVE TO forge ourselves in order to become the kind of being we really wish to be. I was however, very lucky not to loose my self on the way to discover 'wiser compassionate courageous' me. I must have made some good causes in my past lives (lol!!) to be still alive and well today.

The point is that when we are happy everyone around us benefit from our higher life condition ... when we start to dissolve inside.. everyone disappear in our life (whether we stay or go).. and when we deeply suffer (particularly without taking full responsibility for changing our conditions) then we drag everyone else down to Hell with us.

So judging someone else life choices is pointless.. is merely blah blah blah... if some one is really concern about the well-being of someone else he/she should support and encourage people to discover themselves .. to go deeper in life .. not 'forget about ... it will pass... lets just go on' kind of egotistical attitude.. only because that person in search of her/him self is deeply challenging our 'daily world' or make us worry or feeling uneasy.

I applaud those that leave their life courageously and true to themselves and go on and explore and push themselves ... as I applaud those that are committed and dedicated to the happiness of others ... everyone is different ... everyone has the right to choose the kind of life they wish (as long as they are not degrading or physically destroying someone else life against their will).

Said this however ... everyone is also FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the consequences they will have to face from the choice of actions or paths they choose in life ... so soon or later they will have to deal with those consequences (whether blissful or painful may be).

My all-time questions will be:

If the answer TO ANY of these questions is 'no' or unclear ... its time to do something to change our lifecondition and who we are... What ever our circumstances we have the freedom (and the only true freedom) to change our mind ... to change our selves (not others!!) ... and with our changes our environment change too like the shadow always fallow the body....
Strategy, possessions, recognition, achievements, affections, will not relieve us of the suffering of our cycle of 'birth-grow-decline-death' in the least, unless we perceive the true nature of our life. We must always choose our path and not to be chosen by circumstances.

Keep well, safe and anchored where ever you are or going to be..
With open harms...

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