DEEP IN MY FOREST !! (part 2)  

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5/11/2006 3:12 pm
DEEP IN MY FOREST !! (part 2)


(part 2) "The Mask"

She felt astonished and deeply confused…

The ‘wood spirited’ Mask left in her basket; her white toga/dress gone; and mostly of all, a Dominant Man penetrating deep in her territory calling at her for ownership. All in her secret woodland, deep in HER forest.

Now she really did not know what to do…Emotionally and physically exhausted, scared, lost within herself. She sat on the grass, naked, with her had lying in one hand and the Mask in the other. “What to do? What to do? There is no going back… I can’t run away… This is MY forest! Who is he? How did he get here? How did he know I was here? He must have know of me for some time… watching me and wait for the right time to make himself known to me… Who is he? What does he want of me? Where is he?”

She has been free in body and mind all her present existence… she did not know what to expect… Her feelings of fear and confusion were gradually expanding into feelings of curiosity… She needed to know more… Outraged and excited she stood up, raised up the Mask in her hand above her and stared at it… Sunrays were coming through the eyes holes of the Mask… she felt his call… She took the challenge and decided not to run away from Her forest. So, she slowly moved the ‘wood spirited’ Mask toward her face and placed it on, firmly and in place. She breath in deeply and slowly, then with a high note, she emitted from the dept of her lungs, a long high pick ‘ownership/calling/frustrated sound’ while she stood in the middle of the woodland naked, wearing only the Mask.

With still her heart beating fast, she looked alert and dedicated to her seasonal ritual of herbs and berries pick up … She worked around shrubs and bushes, careful not to hurt her naked body, her large breasts and hips… Her skin was so delicate and soft… easy to bruise. She took wild mushrooms, sprouts, moss and plants’ leafs and roots. Suddenly while she was turning around a large bush, she spotted something white shining deep in the forest. Carefully and silently, she moved toward it and she then saw the strangest thing. Seating on a large fallen trunk, there was a man seating on it, with his eyes closed, completely still… “What on earth is going on?” she thought… He was wearing a white toga… and then she recognised that this was HER missing toga/dress… This man was wearing her white toga!! She stood still, silent behind bushes looking at him… “This must be the man with the ‘wooden spirit’ Mask that called on me at the spring ponds early on”… What was he doing still there deep in HER(!) forest?

He wasn’t moving… His eyes kept shut… He looked like he was in deep meditation, listening to the surrounding forest… No one muscles on his face or body was moving. In her white toga he looked so dignify and imposing… like a Roman Emperor… His face with a serious but relaxed expression, looking intensely and deeply away in his thoughts.She could not resist him… She was too curious and hungry to know more of him… So against her better judgment … like a curious wild animal, she left her fear of been trapped behind, and hesitantly moved closer to him…. Carefully, hiding behind bushes and trees… into an anti-revolutionary movement, she moved around and around him, getting closer and closer. So closed that her sharp senses could now smell him…Suddenly he opened his eyes and looked toward her direction without moving a single muscle of his head or body. She was hiding and observing him from behind a very close tree… “How does he know I’m exactly here, in this point? Could he possibly smell me too?”… And then she recognised his deep dark eyes… The same eyes that stared fiercely at her, naked, bathing in the spring ponds early on. The same eyes that were behind the Mask that now she was wearing…

She stood still uncertain of what he would do next… but he didn’t moved… his eyes were on her, fallowing her every movement, while all other muscles in his face and body kept still… He looked like a Greek statues with moving eyes. She was captivated… She knew that she could be in danger… she knew… but she felt to exited and bewitched to stay away. So she took her courage and kept moving slowly toward him, still naked with the Mask on… She bent and lower herself… forward and backward… uncertain and curious… until she was just by his side…Once more, she slowly bent toward him and took a deep breath to deeply smell him. With the tip of her finger and tongue she started to touch upon his harms, his shoulders, his neck, his head and stroke his hair…. Still he wasn’t moving… only his deep dark eyes were severely and intently fallowing her… in her every movement. She couldn’t believe he was seating there… in the middle of Her forest, wearing Her toga, staring at her in silence… strangely motionless… all was so surreal. Strangely, she felt more and more reassured and safe behind his Mask… she felt no more threatened… she didn’t even bother that she was naked anymore… she felt well covered by the Mask she was wearing and in her natural element of the forest once more….

She became more adventurous and started lifting the toga and looked at his feet… and then his legs, touching them… and then in front of her, his beautiful male organ was standing proud like a ‘wild mushroom’ deep in the forest… waiting to be picket up… Beautiful, full, strong… so tasty and inviting… She went on her knees and stroke her face against it… smelling it… her hands just about to touch his cock when suddenly he grasped her hair and pulled her face back and stared deeply into her eyes.

She stops breathing…. Silence! A long deep silence while he was penetrating her eyes hidden behind his Musk that she was wearing… and then with his other hand he brusquely removed his ‘wood spirited’ Mask from her face and throw it on the grass. She now felt naked… She knew she fallen in his trap… She was his property now… at his mercy… With her on her knees in front of him, he kept a firm grip of her head movements by holding all in one hand her long soft hair… He pushed her naked body back leaving her fully exposed to him. With his other hand he took possession of her large breasts… taking their full weight in his hand… cupping them, squeezing them hard, pulling them, pinching her large milk-chocolate nipples. He kept pushing her body back leaving her exposed and playing with her breasts.

Then he pulled her back toward him and forced his cock into her mouth… she could feel it going deep in her throat. She was forced now under the white toga… tasting, licking and swallowing… He was guiding every single movement of her head through his strong grip on her hair… His majestic ‘wild mushroom’ in and out her mouth. Then suddenly he pulled her up by the hair… standing in front of him… grasped her harms and bent them behind her back. He forced her down, bending over his knees. She was forced on his strong legs leaving her rounded bottom fully exposed to him. He left her harms down and kept her under control by keeping her down with is big hand over her back… He could feel her breasts stroking against his legs.

The Mask on the grass, under her face, was staring at her severely… Then she felt his hand up her tights… opening her up and his fingers stroking her pussy and feed ling with her anus… He started stroking her curvy bum… caressing it and then pinching it… and then suddenly he moved his head down and bites her ass cheeks… She screamed… He pushed her back down with his hand again and with the other hand he spanked her slowly and firmly on both the right and left cheek. Then he bent over her ear and whispered with a warm and firmed deep voice “This is for running away from me…” Then he caressed her bum and started spanking her again… repeatedly. She was mourning in pleasure and pain… He then pushed two fingers in her pussy and pushed against the wall of her tight pussy side to side, fucking her in and out… and with a firm loud voice this time he shouted imperiously. “Never… never run away from me… Never!!” Then he put his index finger in her mouth making her such it… He took firm hold of both her ass cheeks… spread them apart and pushed his finger inside her anus… up and down while pushing his thumb into her pussy. Then he locked his grip inside her, both her pussy and anus firmly under control, in his hand, while with the other hand he grasped her hair and pulled her head back… arching her back. She was truly lost… took over by him… She knew ‘the Mask Man’ captured her.

He then relieved his grip on her anus and pussy and spread his legs away… leaving her falling down on the grass at his feet. He then stood up… pulled her up by her hair and closer to him. He grasped her waist firmly, and with his open big hand, he fallows the shape and curves on her body… from her small waist to her back, her large hips, and her soft round bottom to her tights. He took the white toga, he was wearing, down and spread it over the trunk. Again he took her by the waist and turned her around, forcing her to bend over the trunk. He pushed her forward and forward, forcing her to use her arms on the grass floor to stop her falling down on the other side of the trunk. She was nearly upside down. Then he grasped her thighs from inside and with both his hands kept them open… dipping his fingers into her inner thighs’ skin like clamps to hold some of her weight. She screamed again… He then with one harm, took a firm grasp of her waist and pushed her hips towards him. Her body weight against the trunk… He opens her labia and started licking her clit, pushing his tongue inside her… He was feeding on her pussy, hungrily biting, sucking and tasting it. She could not hold it anymore and came right there. He then pushed her hips down and forcefully and firmly entered her… deep inside her… pushing his cock faster, deeper, harder, banging violently against her uterus… She was screaming and mourning with pleasure and pain again and again.

He took her violently and kept fucking her harder, deeper and faster … possessing her… taking over her body, her territory, deep in her forest!! While coming he roared with all his strength without begrudging his voice… and then pushed her down… living her leaning over the trunk. He leaned over her body with his full weight and kissed her neck and shoulders. He then took her by her waist again and pulled her up with him and set her down on the trunk over her white toga, beside him while holding her wrist firmly with one hand. He silently looked at the grass under him and with his other hand he took his Mask lying there and put it on his face. He then turned toward her looking in her eyes.

Her toga/dress under them, locked by their bodies; his Mask on his face; she had nothing to cover herself with… She felt strangely embarrassed by his new look… His eyes calmly and reassuring… he took her face in his other hand and kissed her... but then he stopped staring at her behind the Mask, he turned his head toward the trees in front of him and closed his eyes, gradually became still like a naked statue again. Loosing his grip on her wrist… breathing deeply and then silently. She then decided to take her chance… Her instinct, her ‘free spirit’ was too strong… the forest was calling for windrow….

She moved slowly down on his feet and started crawling on her knees. She slowly and silently moved away from him. Then went behind the trunk, stood up waiting to see what he would do… but nothing… he wasn’t moving or turning around. Then she gradually moved away from him… reaching the bush and just behind it… and then she started walking away… faster and faster… looking to feel free again. It was difficult … a strange sensation made her hesitant… she stopped, and started again… she was fighting herself… “What is happening to me?”… She felt strangely sad… it felt like having an invisible leash pulling her back…

At one point she could not resist and briefly turned around to look at him and….. to her surprise… she couldn’t see him anymore… she walked back a little… He was gone! … The only thing she could see there was his ‘wood spirited’ Mask left on the fallen trunk, looking toward her direction. She suddenly remembers his deep loud voice saying “Never… never run away from me… never”. She gasped… quickly turned around and started running… disappearing deep into the forest…

[to be continue]

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