Celebrating the Imperfect....  

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4/13/2006 12:13 pm

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Celebrating the Imperfect....

About 'perfection'... is tantamount to death... it is scaring... it is very scaring...

In the name of perfection, of the search for 'perfection', humanity has stripped, denied itself its own dignity... has started unspeakable wars... destroy real lives... and most horrendly persecuted ordinary people for being ... well just people.

On a personal level... the illusion of 'perfection' has always left me disatisfy... blind, unable to see the true and the inner beauty of things/people/lovers... untill I learn not to seek perfection in anything in life but instead trying to perceive their nature behind mere apparence and then work around that nature to find a common ground.

In human relationships that has made a real difference and keept me honest and true to my self without hiding who I'm (unless I'm in the mood to play of course... I adore masks... smile) and most importantly really free in my being (and I do not mean 'free' as escapism...).

Let me tell (if I may) what the acceptance of 'imperfection' can do in a creative being: I love Leonardo da Vinci spirit... he was a true 'generalist' (instead of today post post post modern obsession of the 'specialist' )... a true imperfectionist... once he had a thought/inspiration, felt and/or explored an idea, and research and learn and worked on it, nights and days, restless and passionatly..., he left them unaccomplished (for other to finish) and moved on to another challange leaving behind all the miticolus details and planns of his visions. He could let go of perfection and be the reneissance man of 'perception' instead.

Da Vinci was truly aware that life true force goes behind the 'ego' of recognitions for perfection... the narrow mindness of specialization... the restriction of the time and the space... Leonardo was a true humanist and free being.

Ok. my bla bla bla is over... but I hope you got the feeling behind my words... which is the most important thing.
discovering the undiscoverable
accepting the unacceptable
challanging the unchangeable
enjoy the unthinkable
admiring the imperfection

"breathing" someone else life force, like one should learn to experience the wind.. without expecting to stop it or caging it or change its direction...

we are truly 'universa beings' and as such we should strive to help other blossoming and not sucking their life force like vampires... to appreciate imperfections is to be capable to enjoy life.


saddletrampsk 55F

4/13/2006 1:09 pm

absolutely awesome post..

Something I struggle with all the time in my day to day life

masha63 54F

4/14/2006 5:25 am

    Quoting saddletrampsk:
    absolutely awesome post..

    Something I struggle with all the time in my day to day life
Thank you very much for your kind words and for reading me...

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