unbeaten path  

mary1025 48F
10/29/2005 8:01 am
unbeaten path

the unknown soldier stands guard
palace without walls
less is more the road less travelled
i was inside looking outside
changing of the guard
parliament full flavor
be still and know He is God
ive got another confession to make
i saw you jump so i jumped
what will i ever be able to give you
you dont already have
three wishes
elmo saves christmas
no more tears
we are the world

darcon71 46M

3/7/2006 10:26 pm

two walls closed in on the dead marine
he knew they had to go around
little did he knwo there was a tank
behind him, he faught them off
for only so long as they approached from 90 degrees
he was safe on one quadrant
guarded from the other three so he thought
then from dead on 45
he was dead, jimi told us about them
that laugh at me and you and the daydreaming fools
he also said as long as have you i have nothing to lose
take my baseball, give it to jj
take the mushroom glass, make something nice for shananay

be still and wonder if God was a he
or a she and why if you are everything
would you need reproductive organs
i remember checking your left hand
hammered and strung out on kim
is that what you liked about me
what do you resent about me the most?

will i ever be worthy of your love
not to settle

truly, i know i wont
so what can i do
the little drummer boy
banging, not breaking
if he kicked it, what else would have gone wrong

for the rest of your life
with or wihtout me
let it be the best christmas ever
dont let me miss it
we are the world
and you mean the world to me
it is a mean ol rotten world we live in ya know?

mustang1960a2 57M
49 posts
6/7/2006 9:30 pm

Our tears fall into the wind.

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