note to self  

mary1025 48F
2/11/2006 2:36 pm
note to self

drive free go ghost
to the dark side of the moon
with a blast
i was in such another realm
at the time
we've come so far
every step
i was so lost
coming home from the other side
and no one to believe id ben
buckaroo banzai
and off we went
what a trip
will home ever feel like home
i rarely say anything and am usually
sorry when i do
but i listen and hear what i need to hear
confirming whos near
we cannot talk spiritual not unless im listening
im not considered an authority on anything
pride really has learned to sit still
but i can still pitch fits when i dont get my way
or understood
like i said i wonder and wait
i belong to you in my heart in a way i just obey
sometimes i think i cant go on
its too hard
to feel
just stop

mary1025 48F

2/12/2006 7:24 am

"Tom, spirits can see in the dark, same as cats." A light came into view. The voices grew louder. "Shh!" he said. "They're not spirits. They're people."

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