march madness  

mary1025 48F
3/2/2006 6:40 am
march madness

vindicate versus vindictive
clear of blame or suspicion
or tending to seek revenge
how will i win
what makes a 'has been'
dub me 'nothing'
control me squash me
mad about you
all i want to hear is
you know youre right
free to be me
is everything i need
the world deceived
fulfills prophecy
but so does the awakening
the truth is marching on
she talks to more than angels

Plano69 55M

3/3/2006 3:42 pm

"you're so right..."

mary1025 48F

3/4/2006 12:38 am


darcon71 46M

3/8/2006 9:16 pm

xoxo, all she wants to do is make me happy
it would take ten of me to do right by you
queen nothing rules over the has beens
that will never be again.
be in control, squash what gets in your way
let freedom reign. you know your prophecy.
let the truth march on and on
fly that free flag high and let it wave proudly

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