lucifer match  

mary1025 48F
10/29/2005 7:07 am
lucifer match

chicken in a bread pan
pickin out dough
lucifer match girls gone wild
leave the ears on the dog
marti gras flash in the pan handle
all my exes remember the alamo
see you on the other side
all for one since the day i left milwaukee
how could she be anything but mine
it gets better all the time
when she gets back from where shes been
she thinks she needs me

darcon71 46M

3/7/2006 10:13 pm

i thought about Johnny today.
Did he really7 have a name
did he really beat the devil
how does that golden fiddle sound
what would it be like on a lonely
thursday down at the 505 czars
what was his last name
was he the johnny from johnny be good
was he the named after
johnny walker red or balck?

there aint no less mexicans
knocking at the door of the alamo
the red men are not a threat
or so they say
isnt it an easy sell for al quieda?

go go....go johnny go

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