hide and seek  

mary1025 48F
4/3/2006 5:58 am
hide and seek

still reeling, not settled, insecure
words from saturday night
still ringing in my ears
which ones does he really mean
i want to run, slide into home
all morning just chomping at the bit
told my kids many times to get ready
we're going to my house
they wanted to stay and
started playing irish monolopy
when he came home for lunch
he could tell i was still upset
i said i couldnt relax into believing
he wants us here he smiled and said
well i need you here at least at 2
to start the tape its opening day!
now youre talking my language i said
and smiled back that makes sense to me
then he went on and we've got the game
tonight and we'll make dinner and have
fun and then the kids go to bed and
then i get to sleep with you...

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