mary1025 48F
12/17/2005 9:37 am

feel like making love
devil with a cause
fall on the rock kid
He cant repent of our calling
legends of the fall
waitress practicing politics
the father waited for the son
who stirred him
555 deal czar of nascar
flirting with disaster
mother love bone
im a substitute teacher
graduate the preacher
keep the wolf from the door
let the bodies hit the floor
muse of the round table
hes dead whats he thinking
avert hunger or starvation
in and around the lake
land of sharon leap of faith
grab the spoon whos got the bear
i am you sad but true
we're in this together
just as you are
heres to you

mary1025 48F

12/20/2005 1:26 pm

it is a little busy
many messages in one
to kill a mockingbird
a spoonful of sugar helps
the medicine go down
i like to take the world in
and write what ive learned

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