double XL  

mary1025 48F
1/23/2006 12:34 pm
double XL

double the pleasure double the fun
measure life by beer and gum commercials
who knows
power of love
listen! wisdom is calling out
them changes
we gotta live together
maybe we should have waited
for purple haze to cool down
before releasing the wind cries mary
third stone from the sun
two nations are within you
people of the earth
children of the sun
do you have only one blessing
electric ladyland tour de force
blood sweat and tears for fears
better run for cover
i crossed the jordan with nothing
but a walking stick
moon, turn the tides
we'll drive our ships to new lands
burning the midnight lamp
spy kids witness stand
ammunition reloads
press the X button in front of the box
health reloads
press the X button in front of the
red cross to get back to full life
L2 opens the inventory
i dont live today
he was too far from home
rebel break away from his control
peace in mississippi
hear my train a comin
strap your hands across my engines
baby we were born to run

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