cinco de mayo  

mary1025 48F
5/5/2006 10:10 am
cinco de mayo

who gives mestizos their cinnamon color
& softens the warm heart of raza?
who has honored the Creator
& respected the sacredness of Mother Earth
so that the world's future grandchildren
can enjoy clean land, air, and water?
a cloud of darkest truth
has concealed México's beauty
but the red nations within her refuse to die
& today are rising up again
as in so many revolutions past
nations yearning to be reborn
to be free again
to cultivate again
she is so much younger than the crimson river
still flowing in the veins of descendants of the Maya,
she was spawned by oppression,
born in the pain of conquest,
twenty cents a day to fill the bones with flesh
twenty cents a day to hope to live tomorrow
twenty cents a day to wish to die today
twenty cents a day they never see
& twenty cents on Sunday they never see
babies utter the name of the beast with their cries
mimicking the gurgling sounds of the river of cholera
whose water they drink,
they feel a mother's love
but cannot understand why
she doesn't end the pains of hunger
who will die again this year
whose song & dance help keep a culture alive
between shouts of ecstasy
during moments of forgotten pain
we strain to hear the liberating outcries

from which flag by phil/felipe duran

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