box out  

mary1025 48F
1/25/2006 10:18 am
box out

gonna take on the world
someday is today
youre my best friend
if i forget to tell you later
i had a really good time tonight
impossible odds
bad mistakes ive made a few
but ive come through
dont forget what the good book says
the gospel is simple man
its been no bed of roses
think im a loser
dont waste my precious time
my view of success must not translate
keep fighting till the end
for the empire
present myself for the trial
take up the bed ive made and walk

morethnonce2 56M
1 post
1/26/2006 2:30 pm

we walk alone with our arms streched out trying grasp the things that mean the most to us (never give up the fight.)

mary1025 48F

1/26/2006 3:36 pm

To do all that and to win was the goal.
To win without doing all those things would have been to fail.

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