Do we make our own bed or is it made for us?  

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8/18/2006 10:19 pm

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Do we make our own bed or is it made for us?

As we grow up we are given the option to think on our own. We are taught that each decision that we make causes a change in the overall scheme of life. If I decide to sleep in today until noon instead of getting up and getting the kids off to school and go to work, I can expect that a call will come from the school and we I go into work the next day one of two things will happen. I will be fired or I will be disciplined in someway. But by the same token, are all the decisions in life based on this priniciple? If given the same situation, I wake up at noon to find the power is out in the whole neighborhood and the fire department is putting out an apartment fire, can I not conclude that the power failure caused the alarm clock to not go off and thus not wake me up? But, also I can conclude that because of the fire, the electric company had to cut power to the neighborhood. As such the question comes to mind, was it our behavior or choice that caused the problem or was it a greater being or scheme of things that caused this disaster?

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8/19/2006 1:18 pm

It was a greater being...I always believe things happen for a reason...

you meet certain people for a reason
you go certain places for a reason...
Everything happens for a reason....

Looking forward to talking to you two real soon...

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