Where have all the good women gone?  

marriednhorny67 51M
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4/1/2006 2:05 pm
Where have all the good women gone?

As I sit here watching PGA Golf on a overcast Saturday afternoon, I wonder, Where have all the good women gone?
I was out the other night at the Dinosaur BBQ and as I looked around at the women in the bar, it occurred to me that most of the attractive looking women were with other women, dancing, holding hands, kissing etc. Are men that bad that we've turned women away? Not that I don't like watching 2 attractive ladies together, but how about including us guys? I was there with a couple of my buds and we all noticed what what going on. We started a converstation with one couple (ladies) and they were really nice, too bad they don't like dick.

Oh well, If anyone knows where the women are hanging that like a good man let me know.

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