why i drive a truck  

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why i drive a truck

I'm not sure why i picked her up. My company's rules state that we NEVER pick up hitchhikers. But it was chilly outside and she looked very attractive standing next to her broken down car. She stood about 5'2" with strawberry blond hair, nice pert tits and an ass to die for. I guessed her to be about mid 30's, tho I can never guess a woman's age correctly. She was wearing a tube top, her nipples straining the fabric, and a skirt that fell just above her knees, her shapely legs drawing my eyes. I asked if there was anybody I could call for her on my cell, she just shook her head, saying she was just driving around and ran out of gas. When i asked where i could take her, she gave me a sly look and asked if i was in a hurry to get rid of her. I replied no way and we started talking. As we made small talk, she started running her hands over her gorgeous thighs, lightly brushing her crotch. I looked on in fascination as her skirt rode up, allowing me a glimpse of a neatly trimmed bush. I had trouble keeping my eyes on the road as she licked her lips lasciviously, then slid a finger inside herself, moaning softly. She demanded i keep driving when I started to pull to the side of the road. Grabbing her purse, she removed a small vibrator and turned it, and me, on. Running it around her mouth, sucking it with a look of naked lust in her eyes, she then ran it over her taut nips, moaning as the stiffened even more under her top. It took all my restraint to keep the truck in a straight line as she slid sideways in the seat, put one leg on the dash, and circled her throbbing clit a few times before sinking the toy into her glistening snatch, gasping aloud with pleasure. She repeated the order to keep driving, to my consternation as she started rubbing my swollen cock through my pants with her other foot. I watched and listened in fascination as she started moaning louder, alternately plunging the vibe deep inside then rubbing it furiously against her visibly throbbing clit. She suddenly tensed up, crying out as the rush of an intense orgasm shook her small frame. I really had trouble keeping my eyes on the road as she put her legs down, leaned over to give me a quick kiss, her tongue darting into my mouth, her hands rubbing the outline of my cock through my pants. She suddenly wrenched my pants apart, popping the button off, freeing my turgid tool from it's prison. I nearly drove off the road as she took my length into her mouth, alternately licking the head then taking me deep into her throat. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled over at a spot wide enough to park the truck, not caring if a fellow company driver saw or not. Reluctantly pulling her from her task, i guided her into my sleeper, reaching for my "special" bag i kept under the bunk. Kissing her thoroughly, our tongues tangling, tasting, i pulled her skirt down, then her top. I sat her on the bunk and asked her to trust me. I pulled a short length of silk from the bag, loosely tying it around her eyes. She didn't seem to mind, and seemed to understand i had something special in mind. I had her lay on her stomach. Reaching into my bag, i took first a feather and a bottle of mineral oil out. I ran the feather lightly over her skin, drawing goose bumps and causing her to shiver and moan in delight as i drew intracate patterns over her buttocks, back, legs spreading as the feather ran over her thighs. Pouring a bit of oil on my hands to warm it up, i started kneading her muscles, rubbing her soft skin, starting at her kneck and slowly working my way down her back, letting a few drops slide down the crack of her ass as i worked her thighs, ever so lightly brushing her mound, then her legs, calves, and paying special attention to her feet. I turned her over and began the treatment on her front. She moaned again as i softly ran the feather over the front of her body, her nipples seeming to throb with each breath. She started to spread her glistening puss when i brought the feather close, but i stopped her. Reaching down, i pulled the lengths of silk that were tied to my bunk and fastened her hands and feet. I continued my ministrations, letting the feather roam her body, spreading her lips myself to brush her damp, throbbing clit as she started to moan again. I then positioned myself over her, allowing my cock to reast against her quivering mound as i kissed her again, tasting the lust, feeling her body tremble in anticipation. I ran my tongue lightly over her neck, flicking the tips of her earlobes, moving ever so slowly lower, circling her nips, gently nibbling, sucking, down her belly, her navel, she cried out as the tip of my tongue grazed her clit, then moved once more lower to tickle her thighs before giving in to return to her quivering quim. She tasted faintly of strawberries as i ever so lightly flicked her clit, crying out as i suddenly plunged my tongue inside her. I could feel her body tremble as the sensations overtook her, but i wasn't finished yet. Reaching once more into my bag, i pulled out a toy of my own, a large, curved vibe designed to hit the fabled g-spot. She saw none of this, still being blindfolded, but voiced only pleasure and excitement when i placed my tongue on her clit, the the toy on my tongue. She almost screamed in pleasure as i gently took her clit between my teeth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue and sunk the toy into her depths, her hot hole clenching it with ferocity, her body shaking, straining for release as i rotated the curved vibe, sucking her clit into my mouth as she bucked against me, her juices flowing down my chin, her clit almost vibrating with the intensity of the orgasm. I wasn't finished yet, not by a long shot. Reaching again into my bag, i pulled out a special toy, basically a thick condom with a vibrating egg in the tip. I put it on, positioning the egg on the head of my dick to an angle similar to the toy. I didn't turn it on yet, but placed it against her quivering hole and slowly slid in. she cried out in pleasure as i sunk to her depths, able to feel her cunt grab me even through the thick rubber. I then placed a pillow under her ass, giving me just the right angle, and turned on the vibrating egg, causing her screams of ecstasy to begin anew. She really started bucking as i then placed the tip of the other toy against her throbbing clit, her muscles grasping my swollen cock in almost desperation, the vibrations both inside and out almost too much for her to bear as she came even harder than before. I pulled out as i felt my balls begin to swell, gazing at her face flushed with ecstasy. I untied her, removing the blindfold, then pulled down the top bunk. I knew i had to taste her again. Kissing her thoroughly, our tongues dueling, i helped her onto the top bunk, her quivering puss staring me in the eye. She lay back against the wall of the sleeper, eyes glazed, moaning softly as i spread her soaked lips apart to watch her clit throb in anticipation. She jumped as i ran my tongue up her thigh, circled her mound, then cried out as i plunged inside. I lightly circled her clit, flicking it ever so gently, her juices flowing freely down my chin, her voice raising with the impending explosion. Reaching once more into my bag of tricks, i pulled out a 2-pronged vibrator, one thick and about 9 inches long, the other narrow and a few inches shorter. Ensuring plenty of lubrication with her own juices, i placed the head of the toy against her winking hole, her clit held gently between my teeth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. She started bucking, crying out as i slowly slid the vibe inside, the powerful motor causing her to shake in yet another orgasm, her puss flooding yet again as i swallowed greedily, cries turning to screams of pleasure as the second prong of the toy penetrated her tight brown eye. she held me by the hair, directing my tongue where it was needed most, body quivering, shaking, bucking against my thrusts of the vibrator, screaming as yet another orgasm caused her to shudder in delight. I couldn't take it anymore. i pulled her off the bunk, impaling her on my cock as we stood there, feeling her soaked hot muscles contract around me as we kissed, tasting, searching, tongues thrusting against each other. i lay her once more on the bottom bunk, my turgid tool still throbbing and dancing insider her spasming cunt. i placed her legs over my shoulders and started thrusting deep, harder, faster as our voices united in lust, her box milking me, feeling as if in a vacuum, her hands pinching her nipples and kneading her breasts, matching me for every movement, grinding her soaked clit against the base of my cock as i started pounding furiously, harder, deeper, faster, my cock throbbing and dancing with each thrust as i suddenly flooded her puss with my long witheld explosion........

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oh, boy, I really enjoy this one very much. I can feel the wetness in between my legs right now. I can't wait to read some more.

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1/6/2007 5:18 am

my mouth watered...oh goddd your good

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