What we talk about in the girls' bathroom  

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7/28/2006 8:42 am

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What we talk about in the girls' bathroom

So I didn’t get any comments from you guys on my last blog, which was a little disheartening, but hey I’m back for more, and hopefully you will have some things to say this time. OK, so I’ve been complaining a lot lately about the fellas, and I’m sorry about that. You’re all not that bad, and some of you are honest to goodness hotties. There are some cute guys on this site ... you just have to wade through the losers to find them.
But I’m not here to write about that, I’m here to write about some of the things guys, and girls, can do to make sex more fun. I’ve been asked why I don’t go to guys for oral sex, that is strictly a girl-to-girl thing for me, and rather than just saying cuz they are better at it and leaving it at that, I thought why not share some of the things us girls like so hopefully some of you guys, and curious gals, can pick them up and use them. If not now, sock them away for your future fiancee or use ‘em to close that special one night deal with a hot girl such as myself.
OK, while I like to just hike my skirt up or pull my dress over my head on most occasions, there are others when I want to be undressed slowly. Real world women, unlike porn stars, love the agony of anticipation and the torture of teasing. Our lacy bras and thongs are not cheap .. so just don’t tear them off and chuck ‘em on the floor. Take your time with them once in awhile. And cradle a girl’s face and check out the rest of her body ... don’t just grab for the first things you see. Instead of going right for the boobs go for the thighs or calves ... focus on the less obvious body parts first and you might like the results. And when hitting the most obvious parts, the downstairs parts, do so like a girl. I don’t know if you are aware of how we masturbate, generally, but when we do we come down from above ... so reach down and have your fingers stimulate the hooded part of the clit ... but watch out for that spot underneath cuz that is so sensitive, at least on me, that touching it can hurt rather than arose. Remember ... hand over the mound. Play with her hair and be shallow with your kisses ... too deep is like junior high, junior high where you slow dance 12 inches apart. That’s not very. And sometimes when going at it, take a break when you are all the way inside ... let the sensations rush over both of you. And kiss, nuzzle and lick my ears ... don’t examine my ears with your tongue though. Wet Willies are for the playground and not the bedroom. And don’t forget to tell her she’s the best/hottest/craziest girl you’ve ever had .. it’s a lie and we know it but we love it anyway. Sex and romance are intrinsically linked in a girl so seduce them once in awhile, spontaneously seduce them once in awhile.
Remember to smile and show her you are having fun ... do that and she won’t ponder why all you can think about is hanging with the other boys, which is so gay, but we understand ... boys will be boys. As for the boobs, stroke the outer curve and underside of one of them with your fingers ... little by little give more of your hand, gradually increasing pressure ... lick both of them like they are soft serve ice cream cones, long and slow, and find her head and lean into an ear as you touch her and say “Do you like this?” If she does she’ll moan something encouraging to you. And don’t forget to compliment her cleavage. Us girls are soooooo sensitive about our boobs ... just like all you fellas are insecure about the size of your johnsons ... and compliment their beauty not size you hornballs. Say they are “beautiful” or “perfect.” We love that. Downstairs ... sandwich the clit because it is so sensitive that it does not always take direct contact ... when I say sandwich the clit sandwich it between her lips and move the whole entire package around in a circular motion. And boys moan, grunt and groan ... you love hearing you ... it helps loosen us up. And if you touch a girl in a way that feels really good for her, keep doing it in the exact same way ... speed up or do it harder only if she pushes her body against you harder or if she says “harder,” “faster.” And maximize the motion in your ocean guys. When going down, take her clit between your lips and suck on it ... maintain the suction while licking the tip of the clit with broad side-to-side and up-and-down strokes. And FYI, we can get tired of sex ... think about it when we are on our backs for like 30 minutes while you are pumping away and getting all sweaty we do think about things like what color we should paint the walls and ceiling. Sorry, but it’s true. And guess what, news flash, it can get sore down there. More boob stuff, kiss the underside of the breast once in awhile ... the spot where the breast meets the rib cage is sooooo good. And more pussy stuff, when you are down there doing what you are doing don’t forget to tell her she tastes good ... if you think we are worried about our weight, our shoes and our boobs, boy you should only know how worried we are about our cunnies. Even if you are not enjoying it, give a mmmmm while your tongue is occupied ... learn to fake it boys, we fake a lot of shit for you. And go slow down there ... take time to explore the whole entire neighborhood and not just the house ... lick up and down the side streets ... use the flat part of your tongue cause the whole flicking with the tip thing is sooooo annoying. Kiss her back ... right where the rear meets the leg ... and do a sideways 69, it’s a control thing ... and let her set the pace, pay attention, which is hard for some of you, go at the speed she is cause that’s how she wants it. Last but not least, doggie is fun, but not always ... when she leans forward that means you are hurting her, not go deeper dipshit.
That’s enough for me ... these are the tactics I use on a girl, and the tactics they use on me ... and that’s why girls are so enjoyable. But I do love dick too, so don’t get your boxers in a bunch boys. OK, I’m outta here as I got cheer camp today and I gained a whole pound, a whole pound so I know the girls are going to call me a cow and stuff. And my coaches are going to give me shit for being soooo dark. Oh well. And girls, I'm sorry for sharing what we talk about in the girls' bathroom, but I felt it was time .. how else are these silly boys going to learn?

mugwamp79 40M
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7/30/2006 8:02 pm

Thanks for the advice, I'm always looking for ways to increase someone elses pleasure and its nice to hear it from the other side. Most of the woman I've been with wouldn't talk about what sent them into extasy, so it took a little longer to find my way. By the way you look great, if you were 65 pounds they'd tell you needed to lose 5 more, its their way of pushing you. You've got a killer body and you should know it, how many times have you ever gone home alone when you wanted a man. I have my doubts that you've ever been there, if so its a crime and I want to know what bars you hang out in.

rm_callmetiger2 35M

7/31/2006 9:16 am

Thanks for the advice Marissa. I'm sure I'll be able to use these tactics at some point. But, just for clarification, women don't always know how to give head, either. That does not mean I'm going to only have gay guys suck my hog!!! We are not ALL that bad. Keep writing, I enjoy reading your posts.


PoeticPleasur4U 44M
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8/4/2006 9:28 am

Thanks for the advise...most of I already use, but there are a few things that I have filed for future use...great post..I enjoyed reading it...keep them cumming

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