Ewwww ....  

marissathecoed 32F
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8/4/2006 10:15 am
Ewwww ....

I think the way you are in pre-school is the way you are in life. That said, I was totally like I luv him, I luv him, I luv him ... I had like a new boyfriend every five minutes. I was soooo bad. What can I say I like boys, and I liked them way back then. But can you blame me ... if a better kisser comes along, even at age 4, you move to on to another boy. Boys are disposable ... when you’re a good looking girl, hell if you are a girl, a new one will come by every couple of minutes. Boys are soooo annoying, I guess that’s why I get bored or tired of them soooo quick. Who wants their shit when I have my own to deal with? It’s better to just find them, fuck them and flea. Of course that doesn’t always work cuz one will somehow find his way back to your bed the next night and the night after that ... and that totally sucks cuz before you know it you are trapped ... and he’s leaving his sweaty gym socks in your room. Honestly, who wants that? But I will admit here that girls are like way more messy than boys, we might act like or say that we’re not, but we are ... just think of all the girls’ rooms you’ve been in boys. But does that really matter, after all our underwear looks a heck of a lot better than yours ... so why not leave it around the room? It’s expensive so show it off. And I never hear any complaints ... but some do come up missing. Silly, silly boys ... what do you do wear my thongs? Use them to beat off? We might be messy, but boys are way, way, way more gross. I wouldn’t steal your skid-marked boxers so why steal my dainty thong? Soooo gross.
What else is gross about boys? How about all the cock shots on this site ... FYI boys girls do not want to see your cock. Most cocks, for the most part, look gross. They are not pretty ... boobs are pretty, vagina is pretty, well some vagina, not cock. They are gross, especially when they are not hard, and even then they can be gross. I guess that’s why I luv girls, and only like guys ... I find the male genitalia to be soooo not cute, attractive or good looking. And I’ve said it before, I’m a shallow girl ... sorry fellas. But I still likes ya ... at least in the bedroom. But honestly, why are there soooo many dick photos on this site? Guys us girls don’t want to see you dicks in the bedroom let alone online. We like em, the way they feel inside, but we don’t like the looks of them. Sorry, a girl’s body is a work of art, a guy’s body, well let’s just say it’s something less. Besides, with all the cock shots on this site I have to believe some of you have some very serious latent homosexual or bisexual issues to deal with. Seriously ... get mad if you want, but it’s true, you know it. You’ve all had that thought one time in your mind ... There are soooo many more attractive parts on a guy that some of you should be highlighting and not your dicks ... they are like so not very. And you wonder why us ladies are going for more girls ... we’re cute and you’re genitalia ... well it’s something, just not something pretty to look at. And yes I do live in a pink world, sorry I’m a girly girl deep inside, and yes I do feel like a princess so the name-calling that I expect in return won’t bother me. I know I’m prissy and high maintenance ... but like I said I’m a girly girl and that comes with the territory. That’s also why you guys love me soooo much.
And yes I dot me I’s with lil’ hearts. Sorry, I know it’s annoying but I do it anyway cuz I luv being a girl.
And one last thing for today, I’m sick and tired of all you saying that you can change my mind that guys can’t eat pussy. Look you can’t so stop offering. I know it’s nice and all that you guys have opened yourself up to eating pussy cuz us ladies have had to endure to sucking cock, licking balls and tonguing ass for centuries now ... but I don’t want it from you. Why can’t you just be satisfied that I want your gross dicks inside me?
Wink, wink. And if you found this entry to be annoying ... don’t worry I’ll have a sex story next time, one involving a couple and myself. Which, sorry I know, brings me to this point guys the best thing to attract a hott girl is another hott girl. Think about it ... we all luv you and want you once you have a girl on your arm or in your bed ... it’s like a seal of approval or something ... damn our inner workings ... but hey it works. There you go another female weakness exposed in my blog for you hornballs to exploit. Happy exploiting you sexual predators you.
And fellas ... learn the art of being clean, take it from a girl who has eaten some ass in her life, use a wash cloth or something back there ... damn. And bathing yourself in Axe or Tag does not constitute a shower, it doesn’t even hide the stink all that well, it makes it kinda worse.

rm_Yknotme_69 53M
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10/16/2006 2:15 pm

LoL, young lady, you haven't eaten the right ass!! Hell of a blog!!

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