Uncle Robert ???????  

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8/18/2005 3:01 pm

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Uncle Robert ???????

Okay, Maya called me that... it slightly freaked me out, given that I'm 40 and she is 23... but at the time my mind was more focused on the fact that she was wearing an incredibly sexy lil outfit while she sat on my couch with a dozen anal-beads up her ass and was now working a thick dildo into her pussy (amazing isn't it how the male-mind can be distracted).

Again, Curtis whispered towards me "Just go with it... she wants it truly naughty tonight."

I stepped in front of Maya, grabbed one pig-tail, pulled her towards me gently (but insistently), and commanded her to suck. I pointed Curtis towards my hall-closet where he could find a large, thick comforter to spread on the livingroom floor.

Maya dropped to her knees like a good girl, sucking away at my knob and balls... and since I get this pleasure so rarely: I warned her in just a few minutes and then shot my load across her pretty lil face.

I sat in my easy-chair, and instructed her to stand in the middle of the room on the comforter and pose for myself and her husband. She looked so sexy standing there in her costume with the string for the ass-beads still hanging 'tween her thighs.

I directed her to assume several different poses... getting a feel for the fact that she liked REALLY graphic instructions and at her insistance, raunchy and humiliating commentary.

This magically put the starch back in my organ (I'm 40, NOT dead!)... so I stood and walked over to the comforter. Maya was just plain WET when I reached down to tickle her cute little pierced hood and open her succulent labia... she grabbed onto my arm to steady herself... looking into my eyes she asked "Do you thing I've been a bad girl? Do you think I'm a SLUT Uncle Robert? Do you think I need a HARD spanking?"

Uh oh Curtis was standing near by, watching and stroking... he told me to LEAVE the anal-bead up her ass, and handed me a small paddle. Maya moaned when I took the paddle, and groaned when I gave it a test-smack against the palm of my hand.

Maya bent RIGHT over... grabbing her ankles and causing that skirt to ride right up over her ass-cheeks... such a tight, ripe young ass. I gave her 5 firm smacks with the paddle, timed about 4-5 seconds apart... to judge her response. And OH wow she got happy & loud. AFTER those first 5 smacks... I grabbed the ring on the string and tugged the first bead SLOWLY out of her ass. THAT set off a quivering orgasm, which she filled with naughty words.

Curtis stepped up at that point, and sprayed a load of semen onto her upturned face with a quiet howl.

Seeing how they seemed to like it played... I grabbed her pig-tails again (firm but gentle) and brought her face close to mine. "Maya, did I give you PERMISSION to take cum on your face?" NO? Maybe you should have thought to ASK you lil school-slut!" I then pressed her back down until she was grabbing her ankles again, and repeated the 5 spanks and one anal-bead routine again.

I then guided her to the couch, bent her over my naked lap... and repeated the spank-bead pattern twice more. I was hard, oh so hard... her grinding her lace covered shaved kitty onto my cock... and my eager cock trying to sneak 'tween her thighs.

Maya was continually crying and moaning... her tears ruining her teen-slut makeup, and her pussy-lube making MY thighs wet as a slip-&-slide. This went on for about 20 minutes until we reached the last anal-bead. OMG her lil ass was just gaping open... and I was ready to explode... I did a record job of sliding on a condom, knelt over her and fucked her ass while Curtis moved in to feed her face and muffle her moans again. I lasted a reasonable time, beating Curtis by a nano-second as he pumped his wife's mouth full again, and I smiled when the heat of my semen touched her sensetive anal walls thru the thin latex set off another moaning orgasm in her.

Darling Maya quickly pulled the condom off, drained the semen into her mouth, then sucked my cock and balls clean. She then collapsed into a quivering mound on the comforter at the foot of the couch... I shoved the dildo into her pussy.

I then passed Curtis in the hall and went to was MY balls and cock (as well as get Maya a cool wash cloth for her abused pelvis & ass). Curtis had raided the fridge for another beer, handed Maya a glass of Chablis, and handed me another cold beer.

Looking at the clock I realized it was only 7pm

rm_mariner311 53M
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8/21/2005 8:48 am

It's been RARE... but I have had some luck! And YES, Maya & Curtis are real as well as this entire post

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