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5/25/2005 9:43 pm

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Models, Models, Models

No, not THOSE type... not Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, nor Cindy Crawford !! I'm taking a break from my hobby / semi-occupation of building models. Models of the small (or large) plastic variety... ships, aircraft, armor, etc.

I needed to take a break because of the small parts and detail work... I guess I need a better magnifier and more ergonomic bench.

I've been doing it since I was a little kid of 7 or so. In high school and college it tied into my work as a stage / set-designer (knowing how to do 'scale' and use miscellaneous materials). In the Navy it was fun distraction while at sea, and I also would build multiple copies of "our" helicopter, the SH-60B Seahawk, for retiring commanders and chiefs.

After the Navy I went back to it for fun and as part of my new work towards my Masters... then when the Gulf War (two) broke out I got calls from old shipmates to restart my building of the Seahawk for the guys and girls deployed to the Gulf.

I'm still doing some kits for clients, and of course wrapping up many of my own that have been on hold: one of my goals is to build a version of every aircraft I crewed/flew... every ship or at least ship-class) I served on... and then also every aircraft that was in Naval use while I was on active duty ! Ambitious, but what the heck.

Right now I think I have completed roughly 280 models in the last 4 years... some in the house, a dozen or so donatated to local recruiting offices... and about 100 sold to clients.

Maybe as a GEEK I'll post photos of some <haha> (okay just posted two helicopters I'm building for a client)

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