Further Thoughts: Water-born Sex  

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7/11/2005 5:07 pm

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Further Thoughts: Water-born Sex

Hmmm... my first pool-side sex ! And by-god it actually happened !!

I was 15 yrs old, and was at the neighbors pool for the afternoon because I was house-sitting for them. I'd finished cleaning the pool, watering the yard and plants, and figured that it was a great time to lay down to get some sun after a quick swim.

The neighbors had good fence and hedges, so I figured I'd drop my shorts and speedo (I was on swim-team) and grab some sun on my buns.

After a half hour I heard the gate open, and rolled into the pool... grabbing my shorts as I hit the water.

Oooops... Mrs Riser (honest) walked back to the pool... she was from 3 houses down the street, and was a good 10-15 yrs younger than the other Mom's (yes she was one of the original MILFs).

She saw me in the pool, said "hello" and said that Mrs. M. had said it was okay if she did some laps while the M's were on vacation (though I have NO idea how she could swim in that white crocheted suit).

She spread a towel out on a chaise lounge, and then noticed my speedo laying on the edge of the pool. She smiled, layed down on her chest, and then asked me to climb out and put oil on her back... She let her legs spread just a touch so I could see the tiny hairs (late 70's) peeking out from her bikini-bottoms

How dow you ladies know exactly how to tease a poor young lad?

I climbed out of the pool... nervous as HELL 'cause my shorts were a light-weight linen (I wore the speedo underneath)... and sure enough I was already starting to sport "wood" looking at Mrs. Riser's ass.

I tried to be calm and well behaved (she was a MOTHER for christ's sake)... and oiled her back... then at her insistance: her thighs <gulp n groan>.

"So Robert, were you skinny dipping or just getting sun on your buns?" She asked (btw, that is where I got that phrase).

I stuttered like only a 15 yr old boy with an erection can... and she rolled over and said that SHE liked to get some sun too... peeling off her bikini top (my first view of real nipples).

She then stood, pushed her bottoms down her smooth thighs, kicked them up into her hand, and waved them in front of my face... "Get naked Robert!" she instructed as she dove into the pool.

BRB...thought is sending me back to the showers

rm_mariner311 53M
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7/31/2005 8:04 am

Just to finish... I DID get nekkid. She and I swam for a few minutes, then she motioned me over to her. She said she liked my young body (while she stared at my cock under the water)... she then taught me to kiss... she then plopped her tight ass on the edge of the pool... taught me about the pussy and how to eat it... I licked her to two orgasms... and had a hands-free orgasm of my own underwater... she sucked me hard again, mounted me in the water... oh my oh my Mrs Riser... happily I got to fuck her 5 more times over the next few years before leaving for the Navy

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