Another Favorite Prank  

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7/5/2005 9:20 am

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Another Favorite Prank

This occured back in 1992 on Cinco De Mayo night: My little brother and I were still in the Navy. However, I was stuck staying at my squadron overnight as the Squadron Duty Officer.

My little brother was having his annual bash, and I was stuck at the base! Not FAIR... his parties were great festivals of BBQ, beer, tequilla, and some HOT single girls! The little brat even called once to announce HOW well the party was going.

I was grumping and whining as I prepared for the next morning's flight-briefs and other assorted garbage that fills a SDO's evening. Fortunately, Ann Castro was my duty driver (a real sweet, cute gal) and she was commiserating with me.

At about midnight Castro came up with one of the most evil thoughts for a prank: in the Navy we ARE always on 24/7 call... even if you are "off" you are on-call.

After a few minutes planning, she called my brother's town-house, and in her best official voice announced: "This is the PhibRonThree (Amphibious Squadron Three) Duty office. This is an emergency recall order for all personnel. This is a full drill, confirm this order."

I overheard my brother stutter his confirmation, and then the phone clicked off. I was laughing pretty hard imagining the junior officers that attend this party scrambling for car-keys, and after a few minutes grabbed the phone to call Allen and tell him the joke.

Oooops... the phone was busy... for the NEXT quarter hour !

When I finally got through... and let Allen in on the joke... Turns out his Skipper, XO, 80% of the officers were there with their wives (non-sexual party). Well it turns out that they had had to pour several of the senior officers into CABS... and were still waiting for enough cabs to get the rest of the guys back to the ship.

Oooops... his Commanding Officer, XO, etc had been poured into a cab wearing serapes and reeking of tequilla? I had PO Castro get on the extension and repeat her performance before Allen would believe that it had been a joke...

A year later, during Allen's "Hail & Fairwell" (retirement) party, his skipper came up to me, put me in a head-lock and gave me "knoogies" while laughing "Emergency Recall Eh? Funny-man!"

Okay, slightly sophomoric and childish prank... but we still laugh years later.

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8/5/2005 7:30 am

Glad you enjoyed it Saraswathi... I enjoy reading your posts & your blog and look forward to more perhaps

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