Ahhh Neighbors !  

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7/24/2005 10:51 am

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Ahhh Neighbors !

Well the neihgbors (the nice & noisy neighbors) from my last two posts suprised me abit last night!!

At about 10pm they dropped BY my apartment!! The Giants game was just wrapping up (we lost), so I was starting to cook dinner (I eat late in the summer). They arrived with a bottle of white wine and a 12 pack of import beer... asking if I wanted drinks and conversation!

The gal (Maya) introduced her husband Curtis... and was worried that they were interrupting dinner... I welcomed them in and told them I had NO problem if they didn't mind me eating (and would they like a bite as well?) !

Curtis took a few minutes looking at my bookshelves and the 50 or so plastic-models on them (I'm a geek) commenting on the cleanliness and style of my apartment. Maya followed me into the kitchen and was shocked that I could cook <haha>.

I made some chicken Picatta with a salad and some french bread... Maya had a plate as well, and Curtis took to the bread & dipping oil.

The conversation was nice, polite, and interesting... but just after I bussed the plates from the table: Curtis dropped the bomb and said that he'd heard from Maya that I'd enjoyed the audio-performance from the previous weekend!!

I mentioned that I certainly did enjoy the sounds of a woman being pleasured to the limits of her sanity... and that I was very impressed with her vocabulary that night.

Curtis laughed, Maya blushed... Then Curtis suggested to Maya that she "should thank me for my hospitality."

Maya smiled, stood up, walked to my window and closed my curtains... I was soooo nervous... she came over, sat on my lap, and began to tell me in a breathy whisper that she was a cock and cum addict... that Curtis couldn't always keep her satisfied... and that they therefore enjoyed inviting other men into their bedroom.

Curtis had kicked back in my lounge chair... just observing Maya and I on the couch. I gave him an interogative raised-eyebrow, to which he gave a nod and a smile.

Maya and I kissed for about 20 minutes... slow, soft, exploratory kisses. The laughed and said my moustache tickled... but in a good way. The kisses got more passionate, hands began to caress and explore... she began to moan, which caused ME to swell.

"He's hard baby" she groaned turning her head to look at Curtis... and I could see HE was too, as he was stroking his bare cock while watching us...

Maya slid off my lap, stripped off her cute lil white camisole top... I liked the top, 'cause it was clingy, silky, and just sheer enough to see the darkness of her areola... she dropped the camisole on top of the little jacket she'd arrived in... now she was wearing only a cute pair of khaki shorts.

She pushed me back against the couch... tearing at my shorts... moaning "off off, take them OFF!"

I thought I'd cooked a good meal... but she seemed to be starving from the way she attacked my growing penis. oooooh this girl was GOOD... thankfully I'd shaved the day before which she liked... she kept commenting about it as she sucked my balls and shaft before moving off the couch to tongue my ass-hole.

When my moans hit the right level of pleasure, she swallowed my cock-head.. I warned her that I was about to cum... she looked at me, smiled, and shoved a manicured finger up my ass!! After 30 seconds of having my prostate tickled I exploded.

Maya just gulped the semen DOWN... she then scurried over on her knees to her husband just in time to finish HIM off... wow !!

THEN she started crying !?!? She ran to the bathroom... then came out still in tears... she'd started her monthly

I gave her a hug... explained that I was completely understanding... she said we'd have to finish this again another night... SOON.

I gave her another kiss, assuring her we would... shook Curtis' hand... and wished them goodnight as they headed home.

OMG I can't wait for the next week to pass.

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