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3/20/2006 2:55 pm

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do you remember her?

that cute manga-like hottie from machintosh must be old and cranky as our Bondai Imac.

but how many fantasies have we had about her? great imagination... we can fantasize about almost anything. and now she is nothing more than a glorious memory.

today I remembered that sunny day when we got our shine new computer from the store and became Mac-people, I still can feel that fever... the Imac fever...

We bought our Imac like nothing before. with excitement we brought it home, we pasted the colorfull apple sticker in our car, we almost threw a party for our envied object of the desire.

just memories...

today it does do anything. It doesn愒 support any program, not even a lousy mac-os X, not even a msn program. The beautifull thing about that is that it is either impossible or too expensive to upgrade properly.

I惴 frustrated...


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