Why do girls  

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4/9/2005 9:52 am

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Why do girls

What a fuck-up! I’ve done it again, my Brazilian waxing has chewed my most sensitive skin, ouch !!!
What a bummer ---- I will have to wait some more before my cyber world becomes reality!

You see, there is this beautiful dream of a man, ALL he has it all, the body, the face, the wit, the sensitivity, the intelligence and most of all; he has been showering me with the softest loving words any girl likes to hear. The words that make you tingle all over, you know girlfriends, you know what I mean…

There I was, mature, self-confident, happy with it all, playing around on AdultFriendFinder, you know the usual routine...

Check my emails first:

--- Who has written to me lately? Let’s see, hummm, this “email subject” here is inviting - click ‒ the email opens, let’s see... Ah not bad, this one has a cute way of approaching me, I’ll invite him into my network!
Back to inbox, scroll down looking for more eye catching subjects, check their profiles and pics, may be send them a wink, etc. etc. As I said the usual...
One of the email subjects is saying “ Hi from city” the photo looks good, I check his profile hummm very nice indeed... Open the email and then and there...

Oh Mon Dieu

___Hi there baby! I am SO HORNY just looking at your pics You are exactly what I call "a sensual woman"... x Censured x ... I am tall (1xx cm) and VERY well built (in every way
Although we might have some distance between us I would certainly like to at least explore what wonderful chemistry and delights there may be. I would LOVE to see some more photos...

--- GUYS... Do take notes of the above LOL ---
This is a WINNER, a PHD at FLIRTING, let me tell you! Wouahhhhhooooo it gets a girl’s adrenalin flowing, heart pounding and juices flowing ins-tant-ly, guaranteed!

You can feel straight away this man’s Self-Confidence ooooozing through your screen, it transpires almost onto your keyboard... As you feel your palms getting damp from the increased blood flow in your body LOL Before you know it, your mouse click is opening your pics folder (you know the extra special one you keep for your real live lovers only) Searching already for the most rewarding picture this man deserves.

Let’s face it; this STUNNER has to be rewarded for his style and attitude

--- I wrote him an honest praise about his style and complimented him a bit too profusely may be??? Hummmm, I was so under his spell, I couldn’t help it, you do understand, I know LOL

A few days later checking my inbox, of course I had saved his email into my “favourites” folder, intrigued as I was of what kind of direction this stunner was going to then take on. Yes following up on this was becoming lots of fun already, from the original "Wouahhhhooo" I had already mellowed a little but my curiosity was eating me nicely (and that’s my excuse LO

- How will he feel when he’ll first open my huhummm special pic onto his screen???
- How will he respond to me this time around, will his attitude have mellowed too by then? or be will he be pleased and feeling that already he can ask and I’ll give LOL

Each of his subsequent emails became more and more inflamed with passionate words; he even threw in a few “my love, my darling” casually, just like that, easily, within the context.
Delicious Passion that I was returning myself all along, for me it was “hummmm, he is so “yummy” every time I read him I instinctively squeeze my thighs together (I am sure you can guess why LO. My lips swell and pout and a distinctive kind of sensation takes over me.

From his first note to me, it took us what seemed like months until we finally met online. The suspense of not being able to actually get our timings right was adding to the excitement, while all along our respective busy lives were again taking over, we are both very busy people with full agendas! You see… the Brave Soldiers of the Masturbating Together Apart cyber armees, I do love this expression, I know!

Last week we made it, yes we met online, all of us; the “Ohhhhhhhhhs” and the “Ahhhhhhhs”, and the “Take over now, my right hand is busy”, the Wouahhs, the Yessssssssssss, the “mmmmmmms” were there also!

B A N G !!!

/*/*/*/*/... Explosions upon explosions, we were both literally dying for it and we still are… Until we can again “organize” us the right time slot in our busy schedules, that is...

LOL --- Little does he know that by then my Brazilian might need re-doing with all the associated risks involved LOL Hope i won't fuck it up next time...

PS: As I heal slowly I have gone back many times over to our cyber masturbation and re-read the transcripts again and again and I still shiiiiiver at the re-reading of his words. You guessed it, I am so completely in LUST with this beautiful man.

PS2: Friends my dear friends, pretty please do not ask me for his handle... Just know that HE is in MY Network.

In the best of good spirits, I hug you all,
Yours truly,

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12/6/2006 6:20 pm

Sounds too good to be true !!!
But I hope you did/do connect with your hearts desire.
Good luck

lustmirror 64M
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4/12/2005 4:53 am

I think I just started smoking again.......after five years.
where's that pack of matches I saw around here?

well done.....thanks

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