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4/8/2005 7:15 pm

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But I DO miss you so…

My so, so brave little Cyber Soldiers of Love,

--- Brave because you have shared very intimate moments with someone online, it felt so good, it felt so right, you came together apart (refer to Our Cyber “Live Apart Together” Affairs)

In front of your respective screens, you exchanged your photos and hot videos, as the FLIRT got hotter and hotter you even sent on some of your most private pics to your online lover.
You were so hot, you uttered words like never before in live situations. You felt so open, so real, so YOURSELF at long last…

And BINGO, that’s it
You are now so completely infatuated with the thought of your last Cyber Lover...

So much that:
1) You have even turned off your online profile, neglected all other invitation emails from other members,

2) May be even got rid of the next few hot prospects you had carefully selected over the last few weeks and marked them as HOT into your “favourites” folder!

So the last Hot Cyber Session you had, turned your Head upside down or should I say your Heart?

-> And You now find yourself, more than just fantasizing about the next time you will again meet online.

-> You are daydreaming about it, it is becoming an obsession for you,

-> You just can’t wait any longer, it must happen again, it can’t have been just you, it must be reciprocal…

S T O P !!!

Stop eating your Heart out, it was what it was, (until proven wrong) just a ‒MAT- Masturbate Apart Together session, nothing less nothing more either!

--- Hey, You deliberately had gone online looking for a self satisfaction partner, remember? Ok?

So... Stay in C O N T R O L,
My darlings we are what we are, LIVE Sex and Romance starved, we are the Brave Soldiers of the new internet make believe Instant Love

--- But boy, how good is this, let us just appreciate our masturbations of the Body and the Mind. We are only humans after all, aren’t we?

--- But darling I do miss you, I swear, and that’s My truth ---
(could it be Yours also?... hope, hope)

Love can be short lived but what a kick to remember You and Your WORDS as I navigate through “my pictures” folder, you are there, my cyber lovers…

Look after yourselves, my darlings, I do love you so!

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horny196364 54M

4/15/2009 6:21 am

very nice

lustmirror 64M
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2/18/2006 5:51 pm

thanks dear one,
that felt just about right!

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