When You are Tired  

rm_marc44054 64M
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12/16/2005 10:53 am
When You are Tired

An open letter to someone I care deeply for.

So, you are too tired to care, too tired of trying. Tired of being hurt, tired of giving your heart. You are ready to quit, give up. You think you can kill your soul and enter the abyss of aloneness.

Now you have entered my world, that which you call the abyss. Let me tell you about this emptiness. It is a dark, barren existence, void of happiness, love, warmth, friends. It's a place where you are allowed to think that you are tired of everything, everyone. It's a place of nothingness,, empty except for your thoughts. For no matter how much you withdraw, you will always have your thoughts. And those thoughts will be directed not from your mind, but from your heart, your inner being.

You will dream of love and beauty until it becomes an obsession. You can't escape what is in your heart and as long as your heart beats, your soul is there.

Trust me, don't be left with nothing but dreams. It's a far crueler world when all we have are our dreams and nothing more. Stay away from world. It is not for you.

I will see you in my dream.

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