manofneed 42M
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11/24/2007 8:23 pm

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11/29/2007 4:23 pm


Ever been told your worthless by someone you care about? Even though you know it was booze saying it still hurts on a microscopic level. Maybe it's truth serum maybe just trying to hurt someone in a way that you know truly will. I wish I knew. When the one person left to talk to is the one saying it there's no way to know. Maybe I am.

rm_sprklnshine 50F
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11/24/2007 8:52 pm

no one is worthless. no one has the right to call another worthless.

imo, a person says what they are really thinking when they are drunk, but that doesnt mean they really think it when they are sober. doesnt take much of the sting out of the comment though.

try not to take it to heart.

did someone order some exploding pants?

manofneed 42M
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11/29/2007 4:23 pm

Thanks, I guess I just get my feelings hurt easy.

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