anal on girls  

manly3155 38M
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12/27/2005 2:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

anal on girls

girls you should do anal

musclepower25 42M
2 posts
12/27/2005 3:19 am

Even I have a liking for the rear hole and why just the hole .... the whole of rear part ... it's so artistic and curvaceous, incomparable with any other part of a woman's body .... and u can have a good look at it since the woman is not watching when u r watching her backside. So I think anal sex is a great option !!

zoopc42 48M

12/27/2005 3:31 am

honestly I don't like doing this but have met women that want it and I oblige if they want it. not an easy thing for me though. doesnt really excite me

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