take your time do her right and let her go first .  

manintheboatlvr 45M
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5/20/2006 2:54 am
take your time do her right and let her go first .

Some nasty girls have been locked away and kept hidden from view; i found a key that opens a womans highly treasured boxlike any skill , great oral takes lots of practice, constructive criticism, and good hygien.Preparation-background music (something she likes}drink lots of fluids(to much alcohol can be tragic)try to think endurance not sprinting for the finish. wash it gooda clean pussy is a happy kitty. the next step requires some tact and sincerity. offer to clean, trim, and douche. careful this is a sensative topic for discussion so show enthusiasm for thoroghness. play time don't go straight to eating the cookie--start with some playful kissing and / or light rub down with slightly scented oils. focus on her world --small talk, compliment a non sexual feature. oh yeah, a couple of candles . just enough to manuever, dark enough to unfold insecurities. hint(jolly rancher lemon for dry mouth emergencies and do brush your fangs. more2cum soon . next time techniques

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