Who Is This Guy ??  

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Who Is This Guy ??

I thought it was time I told you something about myself. The picture is from an outting to the Dallas, Tx., zoo in summer 2006.

Born in Hamlin, Tx., 12/12/47. Oldest by 6 years of two boys. Grew up on dry land (non-irrigated) dirt farms in Texas. First as renters/sharecroppers, later as owners of 160 acre farm. Was never out of the state, nor very far from home, until after high school graduation

Joined the Navy. Got out of Texas, saw what a city was like. Spent time in Ca., Ct., NY., VA., Il., Fl., SC., at sea on a submarine, in SE Asia on the ground, islands in the Atlantic ocean, and parts of western Europe. Had some fun, had some close calls, had some adventure, learned a lot, and got married.

Came back to Austin, Tx., got a degree from U of Texas, got a job in electronics/computer industry, reared 2 daughters with wife, traveled in several states with job, had usual run of problems with life, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Children graduated H.S., graduated college, became independent, got married, and each has 2 children.

Took early retirement from computer company, needed to maintain health insurance so I got a job driving 18-wheeler over the road. Traveled to all contiguous 48 states, and several Canadian provinces. Saw lots of places, good and bad; met lots of people, good and bad; quit and came home.

Currently retired for good. Trade some stock, chase grandkids, working my way through a messy divorce, (messy because of property settlement -- what else) assist my 90 year old Aunt with whatever she needs, and try to determine how to act and what to do to be happy, and have fun in the world after divorce at 58.

Particulars and details supplied on request. -- LOL There is nothing I won't tell you, just things I haven't told you!

Take care and have fun,


Take care and have fun,

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