Imagine a room, a BIG room  

man4romanticfun 76M
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9/1/2006 6:26 am
Imagine a room, a BIG room

You've seen the signs on every street corner: Gathering of people -- This way. You walk into a huge room with lots and lots of people in it.

You are here -- the AdultFriendFinder site. There are all sorts of people; regular people, hustlers, pickpockets, people young and old. People who are a rich stock broker here, and a day laborer when they go home.

People who will say anything; tell any lie to impress you. People who are just who they are every day in every place, and really don't care whether you like them or not.

People gathered together in little cliques, and you are only welcome if you think, act, and speak like they do.

People wanting to change their lives, and people who are happy with their lives.

You got the idea! Flow with it. Find your groove. Try to avoid the hustlers and pickpockets.

Most of all, be who you are, so if someone you meet wants to have coffee tomorrow you don't have to make an excuse.

There ARE people here like you, no matter how straight or warped you may be. You do know 'straight' and 'warped' are relative to the individual using them, and have no foundation in objective reality don't you??

Take care, and have fun,

Take care and have fun,

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